I Take Things Very Seriously

Including my 101 in 1001. I wasn’t going to start yet… in fact, I’m technically not supposed to- but I actually had free time tonight, so I did. One of my tasks is to blog about my tasks… uh, does that make sense? Well, that’s what I’m doing.

#100, Create a special calendar to track all my tasks

Well tonight I did just that, I created my own fancy excel spreadsheet. I love spreadsheets and I thought this would probably be the easiest and most organized way to track everything, so here’s a piece of what it looks like:


Yes, I know I probably got a little carried away, but I take things very seriously. And, I love creating excel sheets. I’m sure i’ll modify it over time, but it will work for now 🙂

1 task down, 100 to go!

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