But I’m still not sure if I’ve won the ongoing war.

War on what you ask?

BUGS! Stupid shitty bugs that like to attack my poor innocent plants. My Cilantro (Coriander) plant was my only plant left that was free from bugs. After Hawaii, I got it back from the plant-sitter (aka Veronica) and it was perfect. I was so happy that it hadn’t been attacked. But then a few days ago, I went out and saw it covered with aphids and my heart sank. It went so long without being attacked, I thought I was safe. I just figured aphids don’t like Cilantro.

Well turns out they do. I almost gave up and just decided to let it die… but I refused to let these little shits win and crush any more of my gardening hopes and dreams! I’m sick of losing all my herbs to bugs! How can bugs beat me? I did some research and discovered that if you just spray them with a strong hose, they fall right off without causing damage to the plant. Well, living in this apartment, I don’t have a hose. So I took my dear plant into the bathtub and held the plant sideways under the tap for 5 minutes. I watched the little suckers fall right off and swim down the drain to their miserable death. There must have been hundreds and hundreds of them. I took it back outside, dug out some of the dirt from the top that had a few little pests chillin’ and threw that dirt away. I then covered it with some new dirt, hopefully suffocating any of the aphids that I may have missed. Finally, based on the advice of a few websites, I sprayed the plant with a water/dish soap mixture. I will admit, I don’t have a spray bottle, so I used a squirt bottle and think I may have soaked the plant a bit too much because it became a bit wilty… but now, 3 days later… it looks healthier, happy and bug free!

I saved my plant! I will not be overtaken by bugs! Now, let’s hope the cilantro still tastes like cilantro… not like Dawn or Palmolive.

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