I love American Idol this season. It’s the only season I’ve ever fully watched. Is anyone else really sad that the Aussie got voted off? Awww poor Aussie boy. I’m watching the results show now (because I missed it the first time). I don’t think I can watch when he gets cut, it may just bring me to tears, or not. He was really damn good, one of my faves. Then again, I had 4 faves, so now I still have 3. The girls all blow. Ok, they don’t…but I’m just over them. The girls should all get axed so the boys can be in the top 3.

Jason Castro is my absolute fave. David H. is really really good as well… but Jason is just more my style. He’s pretty unique and picks some awesome songs- like Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley) and Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo). I noticed that after Jason sang these songs, they jumped into the top 10 downloads on itunes. (Yeah, I’m a geek who notices these types of things). None of the other idols had songs that did that (that I noticed).

David A. is one of my faves too… but he has fallen to number 3. Sorry dude, maybe next week you can change my mind and jump back to number 2.


Soooo… Jason gets my vote. Not really I guess, I don’t actually vote. But in my head, he’s the winner to me. Plus, he’s cute.



4 thoughts on “Idol”

  1. im pretty over david archuletta. his song selection is just pure velveeta. jason is pretty good and i definitely appreciate that he brings a totally different vibe to idol, but i think david cook is where its at. the final 2 will be cook vs. archuletta. im not sure who’ll win, but cook is the better musician/singer overall. archuletta needs to grow up and get rid of some of his aww shuckness.

  2. As long as the top 2 don’t include any of the horrid girls, I will be happy. But I’d be happier if Jason was in the top 2.

  3. i love dave cook… but my fave was the hottie aussie. very sad when he left. i was attached – we had a thing going. (he just didn’t know it. i was going to tell him soon though. i swear.)

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