It’s been a few days since I posted an update on the D Diet. That’s probably lucky for you because all I want to do is bitch and whine about it. If I could pay $100 to eat a pizza right now without it compromising my diet, I SO would fork over the cash.

Do you know what it’s like to eat the same boring, bland, tasteless food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 12 days straight? I do. It blows.

I know I’m doing this for a reason, but a good portion of me thinks I’d rather deal with stomach aches ever so often than to not eat the foods I love. Dear cheese, oh how I miss you.

Imagine the torture I must endure when we have chocolate peanut butter cakes and fruit trays in the office. Oh the agony.

Want to know one of the worst parts? The freaking dishes. I can’t believe how many pots and pans and Tupperware containers I go through on a daily basis. Oh and Quinoa and buckheat “glue”  is REALLY hard to get off of my so called non-stick pans.

Ok rant over. 12 days down and only a few more to go. Then the next phase begins!

5 thoughts on “If I Could Eat a Pizza”

  1. Well done Elsja – impressive display of will power!

    I know it wasn’t related to your goal, but how much weight have you lost?

    1. Just over 3kg/7lbs. The first two kg came off in the first few days, obviously water weight. Then the next one and a bit have been slower over the last week so it feels much healthier.

  2. I hate to even imagine this… Was anything learned about your food tolerances in these first 12 days? What can you eat next???
    I would be the worst bitch without my chocolate!!!!!
    Your will power is far above normal!!!xoxoxox

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