Geez I’m so boring lately with my blog… but I just really haven’t done anything this week that is worth writing about (other than Nicole’s yummy birthday dinner at Tantalum– but Nicole’s bday was covered in my last post.)


Sooo really here’s what I’ve been up to this week anyways if you care to read- I know Jen won’t cause it’s too long for her ADD:


1. Some serious PMS- geez does anyone have this as bad as me? I swear I always know it is coming… and I always think that I’ll just be able to handle it this month- but it gets me every time. Sneaks up and WHAM! “Bad week for you Elsja” is what Mr. PMS likes to say to me. I think it is finally going away but seriously, every month people? Why do girls deal with this crappola??


2. Jen and I made some fabulous favors for Shannon’s lovely bridal shower this weekend! With Jen’s creative ideas and my wonderful artistic talent… we came up with some really great little parting gifts (ok so my artistic talent really only entails writing names on boxes… but still- they look pretty!) If you are coming to the shower… you will be lucky enough to get one 🙂


3. I’ve begun packing for my trip next week to see my love. (Had to throw a plug for my bf in here somewhere right?) Turns out it is incredibly hard packing for 5 weeks. Especially because the weather in those 5 weeks varries from the low 40s to the low 70s. That means I have to pack pants AND skirts… tank tops AND sweaters… flannel pjs AND boxers. Soooo hard. I’m actually bringing 2 suitcases. First time in my life that I have done that. For all my friends who have been asking me to bring back stuff- I may be shipping it cuz there won’t be a whole lot of room left in my bags! Especially when I’m bringing a little one entirely filled with SHOES 🙂 (and I’m not even one of those shoe obsessed girls- but yet again… my problem with the weather requires multiple closed toed AND flip flops).


4. I babysat tonight and that was fun. Took the kiddies to a yummy japanese dinner at a new place by my sister’s house. They were grubbing on the edemame and miso soup. I was grubbing on everything… including all my food and the food they didn’t eat (again… that evil pms). Luckily it was healthy crap so I didn’t feel too guilty about it. Then the night continued and we came home to make s’mores again (a new weekly tradition I suppose). Later, I laid on the ground and Preston and Emma enjoyed a nice game of “the bear climbed over the mountain” where they just continously walk in circles over my back. Kinda was a nice massage other than the few times that Emma decided the bear was going to JUMP on the mountain rather than gently climb over. Tomorrow I will be taking Preston to Wild Rivers. It’s been like 234980 degrees every day lately and now the one day I actually need it to be warm- it will probably be chilly… well, at least it was today in Mission Viejo.


5. Lastly… I’ve spent so much time talking to Andrew this week (another shout out to the bf). It’s been soooo nice because since he know’s I’m coming next week- he doesn’t need to reserve all his phone minutes to space out over the month. He can just use all of them up now because as he said “when you’re here I wont be talking to anyone else on the phone anyways” 🙂 aww how cute! Well, I’m suuuure he will be calling people- but regardless, I have thoroughly enjoyed the extended phone calls all week. 🙂


The end.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Blog Lagger”

  1. Ohhh whhhhhaaaaatt…..I read the entire post! Only because I’m tired but can’t fall asleep, and was hoping that it would put me to sleep :). J/K. Smores, woo! Jap food, woo! Extended conversations with the boy, woo! Leaving for 5 weeks, no woo.

  2. did jen seriously just say “jap”? dude jen, its not like “jew” which is pretty universally accepted (except for my mel gibson of course). jap is disparaging!! crazy beaner! 😛

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