In regards to my last post… particularly the part where I say ” It looks pretty sunny right now so hopefully the weather report was wrong.” – yeah… well, actually the weather report wasn’t wrong.

I have to admit, it was really really fun flying home in a 10 seater plane in the pitch dark. Since I was sitting in the co-pilot seat I had a great view of black out the front window. Basically felt like we were just going to run into something at any time. BAM… we would all be dead. But nope, we didn’t hit anything.  And that was only the begining of the fun.

The only thing better than seeing absolutely NOTHING out the front window of the plane was seeing rain clouds zoom by us at a million miles per hour. When our plane started jumping up and down and swaying left to right, and the clouds zooming by suddlenly were going up and down out the side window- I wasn’t scared at all. Nope. Not AT ALL. The rain pouring down really loud was not scary either. And I didn’t even feel like I was going to barf either… not at all. My hands didnt have red marks from holding on to the seatbelt for dear life. I didn’t close my eyes for half the flight either.

I think my favorite part of the whole flight was when the lady behind us started puking. The sound effects and smell really added to the relaxation of the flight.

The 50km hour per winds during landing…. well those were really relaxing and calm as well.

Such a smooth relaxing flight home. Not bumpy or turbulent or scary.

Ok ok I’m lying. All of the above is false. I was scared for my life, I did feel like I was going to puke and I did have marks on my hands from holding on for dear life. Oh- but the lady barfing… unfortunately that is 100% true.

Luckily my fabulous boyfriend is such a good pilot that we all survived the horrific weather. I was very happy to be on the ground and out of the storms. And out of the experience, I got a free hangover for the rest of the night (and I didn’t even drink).

Other than the death defying flight home- the night was nice. Went to the wine country, had a nice dinner. It was a cool night out and the best part is that Andrew got paid for us to do it all.

Oh, and then we came home and killed 13 mosquitos in Andrew’s room before we went to bed. That was fun too.


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