I’m too lazy to blog right now, but I wanted to let everyone know that I made it back safely to Sydney. So, instead of re-writing everything, here’s an edited letter I sent out to my friends and family earlier today…

I just wanted to let you all know that I am back in Sydney. After a grueling 19 hour trip with a layover in Auckland, I’ve arrived. Surprisingly- the long flights were the easiest part of my journey going through customs twice in Auckland and?Sydney?with about 130 lbs of luggage and carry-ons (no exaggeration here) was horrible. Not because of th?long waits and lines, but moreso?because?I had to lug around all that weight.?Standby flights are pretty stressful, but nevertheless,?I got back! :)?

The staff at LAX were the BIGGEST bitches. I got to the desk at 7:10 and the guy told me I had to wait for a ticketing agent to help me for some reason. She gets there around 7:35 (I had just stood there waiting the whole time) and tells me “oh you’re not getting on this flight, the flight is closed. It closes an hour before departure” (departure was at 8:30). I said “Um… I’ve been waiting here for 25 minutes for someone to help me, I got here in time!” She said “Well you had to wait for someone to help you and the only person that can do that is me and I wasn’t here at that time and now the flight is closed!”?

UH… HOW IS THAT MY PROBLEM? she was SUCH a bitch. Luckily the first guy who helped me was much nicer and told her to let me on the flight!! That?was just ONE of the bitchy ladies I had to deal with. My dad witnessed these wenches first hand and he can attest to how horrendous they were! 

It was great seeing Andrew, he was able to pick me up from the airport afterall so that was a wonderful surprise. 🙂 I?spent most of the day yesterday feeling hungover. Basically it was just exhaustion I think but it felt more like hungover than tired! Today I was able to unpack everything and straighten up all my mess that I left all over the apartment when I got in.

It is about 8 billion degrees here. Ok, maybe more like 80- but very humid. I don’t mind the humidity, although- I don’t really like humidity IN my apartment. Feels much more tropical here now than it did before I left.??I’d say if it is about 80 degrees outside then it must be 85 in our bedroom since the sun beats down in there directly and there is no air! Maybe about 75 in the living room since there is a tiny breeze in here with the balcony door open. Andrew said he literally has not closed the balcony door once since I left. He leaves it open day and night. I didn’t think it seemed too safe- but in all reality, I’m more afraid of creepy animals or bugs coming in more than robbers and rapists.?

The whole daylight savings time is really throwing me off. Yesterday it was about 730 and I thought it felt more like 4pm. Last night Andrew and I were both SO tired. We wanted to go to bed at 8 but unfortunately had to wait until about 8:45 because it wasn’t dark enough before that!

I thought it would be easier leaving this time- and I think it partially was, but now that I’m back here- I think it’s almost harder. I keep thinking of all these things I should’ve bought or done while I was in the US- and realizing that I won’t get another chance for months is a little scary. I really wasn’t ready to give up my pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks and of course, I miss everyone already! Especially my little Preston and Emma.??



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