Huh??? I don’t get it.


But you know what we?DOOOO get??


Finally got some?cable today after not having any for a month. Too bad it doesn’t work on my stupid USA?TV. Dang Americans make their products nearly impossible to use anywhere else in the world. I was smart enough to buy a voltage transformer, but not a cable adaptor. I’m learning way more about technology than I ever cared to know. So now we have to buy a video converter to convert the video from NTSC (American) to PAL (Australian). GET IT???

So in the mean time, we’re?borrowing a TV from Andrew’s friend so we can actually watch the cable that we are paying for.

2 thoughts on “I’m Confused”

  1. i’m boycotting your blog. mostly because everyone else in the world (shannon, jen, andrew, emma…) gets a birthday post – but i didn’t.

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