So I got here FINALLY after my plane was delayed almost 3 hours. I was supposed to leave at 11:50 but we didnt take off until almost 2:45am. Seriously- a 15 hour flight is long enough, I don’t really need to sit at the airport for an addtional 5 1/2 hours! (got there at 9 or so). But now I’m here yay! My first day was a crazy one. Andrew and I decided to go down to this beachy area called Balmoral because there was a food and wine festival thingy. We didn’t really get involved much in the food part of the festival… but we sure had our share of the wine! It was sooo cool, it was a mini wine tasting event right on the grassy area near the beach. We paid 20$ and got 2 wine glasses and 7 tastings each… (it helped that Andrew’s friend owned one of the booths so we got a bit more than 1 tasting there… and we visited it several times). It was soooo cool! People all had brought picnic blankets and cheese and crackers and fruit. I wish they had things like that at home.

I was a little tipsy after a few hours so I had this super power feeling in me that said “yes Elsja, you can walk back up the GIANT ENORMOUS hill to the car, that would be a GREAT idea.” Seriously, this was the biggest hill ever and by the time I got to the top I felt like I had done the stair stepper at the gym for an hour!

We then decided to stop by Andrew’s friend Sinead’s house nearby so he could sober up a bit before driving (yeah that didnt happen). This was a fabulous idea. What did we do when we got there you ask??? Well, drank MORE wine of course!!! Just chatted for a few hours on her patio with her and her friend Tracy, ate some cheese and crackers. We had a really nice time. I tried some Aussie beer when the wine was gone… (because i really needed more alcohol at this point). By the way, Andrew (who is sitting next to me) just said that my last comment about needing more alcohol didnt sound sarcastic. It sounded like I really really did need more… so just to clarify- I DID NOT NEED MORE! 🙂 

Eventually we left. I don’t really remember much about this point of the night. We got in the taxi and I’m sitting there thinking… “geez what a fun day and night. It’s so dark, I’m so tired, we’ve been drinking for ages…. I can’t believe I made it out this late… time for bed, etc.”

Then, I looked at the clock. 7:30pm!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA I seriously thought it was midnight! That’s ok, we still came home and went to bed around 8:30 (after I puked). Woke up at the usual time, 4:30am. Chilled for awhile… had a nice conversation with Andrew. All the stuff you normally do at 4:30 when you are wide awake. Luckily I was able to fall back asleep and sleep until about 7:00. Geez I wish I could get up this early at home!

I did end up making one drunk call (that I hardly remember). You can read all about it on Jen’s blog… which by the way– thanks Jen- without your blog, I honestly wouldnt have remembered calling you for another few days!

Soooo anyways, overall it was a very nice start to what I know will be a wonderful trip (except for the puking part!) 🙂

Now we are going to eat… I’ve really only had a little bit of food from the festival in the last 24 hours. Yay food- I’m so excited to eat!!

Ta Ta for now! 


10 thoughts on “I’m Heeeeere”

  1. Yes, why don’t they have fabulous wine tastings here? I wish! Probably because you have to have permits for things like dancing, imagine the pain to get a permit to drink on the beach!

  2. Hey dude – it only got worse after you left, needless to say I’m feeling a little hazy at work today.
    Let’s do it again soon!

    PS. I’m leaving a comment! I thought you would be excited. You and handy are massive nerds. Bloging together? How romantic…

  3. Sounds like you had an exciting first day there! Can’t wait to hear what happens next. Tell Andrew i said hi and I love you Elsjabanelsha!!!

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