I’m Horrible at Shopping

I already hated shopping for clothes enough as it was in the US… I’m just really bad at making decisions, bad at spending money, bad at dealing with the crowds. Well it’s even worse now. I don’t know where to shop, I don’t know the good stores vs. shitty stores. I try to find boots that I like (I’ve never owned a pair of boots in my adult life) but on the racks, they all look hideous… I swear, I they are all either too pointy… too dressy… too hookery… too country…or too “motor cycle rider” as andrew said today, but on other girls- they look so cute. Why can’t I find cute boots??Then I have this problem that if I DO buy new boots, I’d have to buy new jeans to fit in the boots. I’m too lazy to try things on but I?NEED warm winter clothes. I see really cute outfits in the window but then everything is so expensive. I literally have bought 2 items of clothing (both dresses for weddings) in the last 8 months of living here.

I just suck at shopping. Can someone go shopping for me? PLEASE.

4 thoughts on “I’m Horrible at Shopping”

  1. what type of clothes do you like? I still feel that the us has better shopping than it does here.

    where would you normally shop in cali?

    My friend who came out for a semester of uni did not really like anything but when she found cotton on, she liked those clothes a lot better. And its relatively cheap.. I also think the style is a bit different here depending when you shop!

    I am still looking for some black boots.. i got some brown ones for like 30 bucks last winter & they are still goin strong.. not pointy, not hookerish either.. I got them at Just Jeans.
    Do you have an actually Mall near you or is it just a select few shops along the streets?

  2. I go gaga for boots. I travel through the CBD every day and I feel like some sort of pervert just staring at boots on other women all day. Why can’t I find a pair that fit me the way they fit them?? Damn skinny calves.

    Funny – I came to your blog to get your email address to ask you if you wanted to go boot shopping. I too am a horrid, whiney, unproductive shopper…we’d probably be good together…or we might say “Screw this! Let’s go have drinks instead.”

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