I have one word for last night’s LOST…


Geez how slow can you get? I always start to think I’ve got things figured out and then i realize… I’m just as lost as the people on the Island when it comes to this plot! And seriously… what was up with the tatoo on Jack? Why did it make everyone beat him up? Maybe he’s the devil or something. “He walks among us but is not one of us” Gay. I’m sure the writers of the show will explain this whole part to us some time in 2009. At least it appears that something productive will actually happen on next week’s episode.


In other news, I got some brilliant idea last night to go running at my sister’s house. I wanted to go to the gym but I didn’t feel like driving so I thought… “Hey! I’ll go running. I never run EVER and i really HATE running, but I’ll do it anyways.” Well turns out running non-stop around my sisters neighborhood which is probably about a mile… wasnt the best idea considering I didnt warm up and I really wasn’t prepared for that! I’m sure a mile is nothing, I realize this- but this is coming from a person who couldnt even run the mile without stopping when I was in elementary school- when I had a lot more energy. Today I am suffering from shin splints and sore thighs and I feel like I am walking like a horse. you know… how they kick their feet out- “toe” first and then their legs follow.

Like this:

Yep, that’s me. Horse lady- all because I decided to go running. I also felt like I was going to vomit as a result of this run and I could not go to sleep until about 4:30 am. No joke. But that may have been a combo of exercising too late and drinking a Dr. Pepper at dinner.

Finally, I must say that today is a wonderful day (maybe). Because tonight is Grey’s Anatomy (yay) and I get to see if Meredith lives (yay) or dies (booo). If she dies, it will just ruin at least a month of my life! Or maybe just 2 weeks because I’ll cheer up in 2 weeks when I head off to Sydney. 🙂


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