Reasons to be happy…

1. FINALLY (after nearly a year) we found a patio table for our balcony. I thought we’d have to settle on something crap, but it’s not even ugly! We can now enjoy dinners by candlelight in the warm Sydney summer. All I need are some twinkle lights and I’ll be totally set. Although, I do think those might be a bit much. Maybe my green citronella mosquito repelling tea light candles will be sufficient.

2. Alexis is in Sydney!!! Although she’s not here to visit me or anything, it’s still great that there’s finally someone out here from the US. The phone rang today and it was a number I didn’t know. This is always a huge excitement because I pretty much only ever get calls from Andrew. I’m going to meet up with her tomorrow and probably Thursday as well. It’s so exciting to finally have people out here!!

3. I just went on to Itunes and saw something wonderful. fGrey’s Anatomy started!! It was such a wonderful surprise to see it there, ready to download. And there’s TWO parts. SWEET. Downloading has commenced.

4. The 26th was the 1 year anniversary of the day I moved to Sydney. it’s kind of exciting that I’ve made it a year in a foreign country 🙂 In a month I’ll be applying for residency and hopefully not too long after that, I’ll have my visa approved!

5. Saturday we did the Spit to Manly walk with Kris, Tess and Ben. It is 9.5 km (5.9 miles) along the beach and through trails. It’s not always easy (up rocky steps, down sandy hills) but it was a good workout (even though andrew doesn’t think so). You can follow our trail on the map. It is supposed to take 4 hours according to the posted sign but we did it in 2. We started at the orange star and followed the yellow, red, blue and green lines to the end at Manly where we had lunch.The next day, of all things on my body that could possibly be sore, my back hurt the worst. Who knew walking was good for your back???

(picture removed)


5. Saturday night was great as well. We first started at wes’ house for an awesome BBQ and then headed to The Oaks for dual parties. We were there to celebrate the return of Sinead from her long trip overseas and ALSO to celebrate Stu’s birthday. Some of Andrew’s other pilot friends came to hang out as well so Andrew had three totally separate, large groups of friends there (luckily all hanging out in the same area). It was great to see everyone all at once. The DJ played great music that everyone was singing and dancing to and the drinks were flowing! I had tons of fun until the DJ started playing “time of your life” which is the surest way to tell that a bar is about to close. Here is a great shot of Kimbo attempting the dirty dancing “lift” as the song played (turned out to be more of a tackle). Oh and what exactly is going on in that second pic?? All of the rest of the pictures can be found HERE.


Grey’s anatomy is almost done downloading… peeing my pants with excitement right about now!

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  1. are those guys going to kiss in the background of the last photo? cause it looks like ONE of them is leaning in, while the other one is scared shitless.

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