So we have these stupid Internet download/upload limits. If you go over your limit- the company either starts to charge you OR it slows down SOOOO much. Ours slows down. We have 12G of usage per month and we’ve only gone over our limit a few times. I think twice we went over about a day before the end of our billing cycle because I downloaded too many TV shows. Once we went over about 4 days before the end of a cycle… that sucked.

Well yesterday our internet slowed down A LOT! We had no idea what was going on. I knew we couldn’t have gone over our limits because we had 11 days left in the cycle AND I hadn’t downloaded ANY TV shows this month. So surely we couldn’t have exceeded the cap.

Or could we?

Turns out we did go over the limit… 11 days before the end of the cycle…7 days earlier than we have in the past…

Can you really go over your download limits from looking at too many wedding websites? This could be a problem!

10 thoughts on “Internet Issues”

  1. OMG… it’s even worse today. I upgraded our plan yesterday to speed it up (and it did) but today when i logged on there was NO internet whatsoever. I had to come to a friend’s house just to do my job! SO freaking annoying. I HATE australian internet… or at least bigpond.

  2. Wedding websites are loaded with pictures and each page usually reloads/downloads the same stuff over and over – they don’t write their back-end code very well. So yeah – unfortunately looking at wedding websites COULD push you over your limit. BUT now that you’ve upgraded to a bigger plan – I’m sure you can wedding search away to your heart’s content. šŸ™‚ Make sure to keep us updated!! I’m so excited for you!!!

    1. Stacey- itunes… i just still use my US debit card to buy shows for 1.99 each šŸ™‚
      Maya- i have the same concern. I’d hate to upgrade and have it be the same crappy quality- which is precisly why we haven’t change plans to anything better.
      I’ve heard good things about iinet but Andrew’s dad who is a computer guru looked at his iinet plan and said it wouldn’t be much better than what we currently use- so I think I just may be stuck here. Yesterday the internet went out alltogether. Just stopped working for a few hours. It just never ends!

  3. I think I am having the same problem with Optus. I used to only use the service for e-mail, facebook, skype–and at times it would really run slow. Now that I have got into blogging the service barely works. I am worried to go and upgrade and have it still not work.

  4. Australian Internet is sketchy at best…but I’ve been very pleased with Netspace. It’s reasonably priced (though it’s still ridiculous that Oz sells Internet by the gig, but anyway), and the uptime is fantastic.

    But I have felt your pain…I had service before that slowed down cause I’m online like constantly. Not fun.

  5. When we lived there, we were with Bigpond at first and then iiNet. We never had a bad experience with iiNet. Can’t really say the same about Bigpond…

  6. Nathan and I have a download limit of 150 gig a month. We are always going over our download limit. I hate these limits it’s not fair! I like to download TV shows and movies plus I work on the internet it’s my business.

    Just wanted to say how angry I am at download limits.

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