Did I mention how much fun I am having with Andrew here in CA with me? Did I mention how happy I am? Oh… no, I didn’t. That’s because I’ve been too busy and having too much fun to blog this week.? But I’m taking a moment from my day to fill you all in on some happy times and important introductions that took place this week.

1. Andrew and I were both introduced to?Ruth’s Chris for dinner-YUM!?It was delish but I think I probably gained 17lbs from that one meal alone.

2. We went out on Friday night to O’Mallys. I?thought it was just going to be Andrew and I with Jen and a couple other people because most of our friends were?out that night at a birthday?party, but tons of people ended up showing up and it was a really fun time. So not only?was Andrew introduced to many of my friends, he also had a little too much fun when Brad introduced him to Patron (pronounced petrone for you aussies). Andrew also wants to direct?the?attention of you Aussies to the size of the shot glasses…

Andrew said this is how he felt before 5 tequilla shots:

And this is how he felt after 5 shots:

3. I was happy to introduce Andrew a few American favorites… LA Baseball and?Dodger dogs.


4. And lastly (for the week) I was only too happy to introduce Andrew to another type of Mexican beer… Pacifico. In fact, I introduced him to?quite a few?pacificos, throwing in one chugging contest between the two of us at the end of it all. If it weren’t so cold (giving me a brain freeze), I might have won. Oh and we enjoyed our Mexican beer in the warm sun on the Island of Catalina. We headed there for the day with my parents and enjoyed some lunch, mini golf and drunky sunbathing. Such a nice day. I seriously love summer.

Only a few more days until I will introduce Andrew to the awesome country of Costa Rica! I can’t wait!

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