Today I ventured out of the apartment for a few hours to meet up with some fellow ex-pats. Is it weird that I’ve never met these people in person (until today), never have even talked to them at all (until today) and yet I still know so much about them? No talking on the phone, no emailing, no texting… yet I still know tons of details about their day to day lives. Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggers! Today I met fellow ex-pat bloggers Daisy and Lindsay (and her friend Emily). I missed out on meeting Erin at lunch but there’s always next time right?

I only started reading Lindsay’s blog recently, so I’m not totally up to date on her life, but is it weird that as we walked around the Botanical gardens, I had conversations with Daisy about the guys she’s dated and her uni program>  Is it weird that I knew all about the horrible blister on her foot? Is it weird that she was talking to me about the birds that visit my apartment everyday?

Is it weird that a foreign guy stopped us and asked us if  we would mind standing on his back as he laid on the grass while someone else took a picture?


Yes, that actually happened. Here was how the conversation went:

Weird guy: Excuse me, are you all travelers? (detected our accents I suppose)

Us: ummmmm uuhhh yeah (hard to answer that one because yes, we are foreign but no, we’re not really “travelers”).

*** we suspect he is about to ask us for directions or something normal, but no… no such luck.***

Weird guy: I’m wondering if you might be able to help me. I’m trying to get a photo (pulling out fancy camera) but it’s kind of hard to get.  I basically want the photo of me lying on the grass with 2 people standing on my back.

Us:  …

Weird guy: You know, like I’m “down under”

Us:  …

Weird guy: I’ll give you $20 between the  four of you.

All of us: Uhhh ummm… ok?

Elsja and Daisy: Oh they can do it (pointing to Lindsay and Emily), they are the smallest!!

Weird guy: Oh how about one of you? (Lindsay/Emily) and one of you (Elsja/Daisy)

Daisy: She’ll do it (pointing to me), she’s shorter! (thanks by the way)

So, we decided to help the guy out. Either he was a really artsy person who genuinely wanted to get a shot to send back home of him “down under” OR he was a complete freak who gets turned on by REALLY weird things. Either way, it wasn’t going to hurt us to help him out. At least we have a funny story to tell now. 🙂 Oh… and all of us were quite curious- why did he ask us if we were travelers? Wouldn’t local Aussies be better candidates if he wanted to be “down under”? Maybe he’s been told off by too many of them already. Seriously, have any of you out there ever had a weirder request from a stranger? If so, I’d love to hear it!

Lastly, while I’m on the topic of all things weird, I’d like to comment on this tree.  Amanda and Stephen took these photos last week and I didn’t think much of them until I actually went and saw the tree today.


4211_36413194986_505494986_464680_2975048_n          4211_36413199986_505494986_464681_1069665_n

First of all, this tree really DOES mysteriously drop random branches, I saw it happen with my own two eyes. Weird. But what’s even weirder is the sign. I hadn’t really thought about this until some guy pointed it out today. “This tree may drop branches without warning.”

Without warning?


Is there any OTHER way this may occur? Like would the tree have some branch dropping alarm to notify you of falling branches Would some guy sit in the tree all day to yell at people when one was about to fall?

Wouldn’t “This tree may drop branches” suffice?

Now I’m back to my normal apartment where I am doing normal work and am about to eat a normal dinner. Maybe later one of my neighbors will come ask me if I would mind putting on some rollerskates and helping them paint their living room. That wouldn’t be weird at all.

12 thoughts on “Is it Weird?”

  1. There is nothing weird about meeting up with people you met online…especially when you already have an appreciation for each other.

    It’s not weird that a guy was trying to translate “Down Under” literally. But it is slightly weird that he found Americans/expats, of all passersby, to help him out. Interesting.

    It’s totally weird and pathetic that some Parks & Rec visionary didn’t think “WARNING: TREE BRANCHES MAY FALL” is better than implying that an inanimate object could even give a warning of any sort. It’s even worse that there was no one there to proofread and prevent this gaffe.

    However, having said all that, these are the oddities that feed blogs and entertain us in daily life. So perhaps the only weird thing about them is that they are blessings to be counted in the end.

  2. It’s weird to meet other bloggers in a somewhat disconcerning way. Like you know each other’s deepest secrets but feel weird bring up what they’ve already made public (but didn’t tell YOU directly). I drove 6 hours and showed up at someone’s apartment with an overnight bag having only spoken to her on the phone the evening prior but having followed her blog for over a year. It turned out great.

  3. I’ve lived in the USA now for five years and have made & met in real life many fellow Aussie expats, whom I first met online through Mates Up Over. Some of them are now my closest friends.

    It’s not weird at all. Glad you all got to catch up. Cheers! 🙂

  4. that tree was totally weird – by the sign was the most bizarre.

    did you not get a photo of your own, standing on the guys back??

    1. Amanda- we did it so quickly that there wasn’t time. I thought someone had taken 1 photo but I’m not sure whose camera it was on.
      echeers- How do you like the US? 🙂
      Someday- That’s awesome! I feel like that with a few other bloggers that I follow. It really does seem like you know each other and it wouldn’t seem strange hanging out.
      V- Maybe the guy should just lie under a table or something to get the “down under” photo. I do give him props for being brave enough to ask. He didn’t seem too confident about it all. And you are right, thankfull we have these experiences. If we didn’t, what else would we blog about? 🙂

  5. Elsja, I am so bummed I wasn’t able to come meet you guys! Erin had emailed me about meeting all of you for lunch but I moved house Thursday and Friday– and now I’m totally sick with a cold- ugh.

    Anyway, I hope there’s another opportunity to do this– Erin is awesome, the three of us and whoever else should meet up.

    Cheers, Laura

    1. Definitely Laura! I couldn’t make it to lunch either. Maybe we could all do lunch on a monday afternoon one week- I don’t work mondays. Or there’s always the weekend 🙂 Hope you feel better soon and that all your boxes magically unpack themselves! 🙂

  6. I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to meet you Elsja! After all, I’d perfected how to pronounce your name and everything! 😉 Ha! I’m so glad you did get to meet Daisy, Lindsay and Emily though. 🙂 As much as I enjoyed lunch, it sounds like the real fun happened at the Botanic Gardens!

    I totally agree about the weird feelings about meeting bloggers in ‘real’ life. But in this day in age I think it is sort of becoming the norm. It is a very honest way of making friends. You put yourself out there on your blog, you are who you are. People can form opinions of whether they think they’d get along with one another based on what they see and read on each other’s blogs. You can already know if you share common interests, experiences, etc. Then when you meet it is a bit odd at first, catching up on what you already “know” about the person, but then you soon realise it is cool and the friendship is already there. You don’t have that real awkwardness you might otherwise feel when meeting a new person.

    With that said, I agree with Laura, we do all need to get together for lunch soon. I adore Laura and guess what? I met her through her blog! 😉 Can’t wait to meet you soon!

    1. Erin… you did miss out on standing on the weird guy in the gardens. I’m SURE you would have loved that 🙂
      Maybe sometime in the next two weeks we can meet up for lunch. Mondays are best for me but I could do other days if it’s a late lunch. You work in C Quay right? I can get there pretty easily on the ferry.

  7. Hi Elsja – Is it weird I read all your blogs – Erin, Laura, Daisy and yours? 🙂 I have always wanted to live and work abroad and after recently visiting Sydney and Melbourne earlier this year I have been looking into how to get work visa (ugh). Anyhow, and in my internet search came across your blogs; I enjoy reading about your Aus experiences and love that you all met up!…If you are ever in San Francisco, I’ll show you around. And maybe one day I’ll live abroad! 🙂

    1. Hey Kristine, thanks for the comment. I sent you an email about visa options- let me know if you have have any specific questions about a move, it’s definitely a great experience!!

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