So when I went home to California, I was greeted first by a chill in the January winter air and then by a good ol’ fashioned California earthquake. The weather did get warmer- in fact, it was beautiful the ENTIRE time I was there, yet it still had that nice chill in the air at night that allows you to sleep comfortably in sweats (and even socks) without feeling the need to rip your clothes off and turn the AC on! It was perfect!

Then I came home to Sydney (yes, I call both places home). There are no earthquakes and yesterday there was NO HINT of ANY sort of chill in the air. It felt like there was NO AIR… period! Hot, muggy, hard to breath, MISERABLE. I’m not one to care too much about humidity and heck, I even can tolerate the entire 106 degrees that we had to deal with. BUT… when you don’t have air conditioning and it becomes about 120 degrees IN the apartment- that’s pretty much when you just want to die, or… at least feel like you are going to die. Our fan did NOTHING to cool us down. I had to take 2 cold baths, just to escape the heat for a few minutes.

Thankfully a cold front came through last night (thank you Antarctica). It’s too bad the temperature inside didn’t cool down as quickly as it did outside. 🙁 I really wouldn’t have minded a 30 degree drop in this apartment.  When’s the last time you had to sleep with an ice pack shoved into the back of your undies to keep you cool enough to sleep?

I don’t think the ice pack will be required tonight… i think the fan will be sufficient.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Little Hot”

  1. Get a free standing evaporative fan Elsja. We don’t have a/c either and won’t for a couple of years but have a couple of the fans and they are the only thing which is going to make a difference this week!

  2. Hi Elsja,

    It was interesting reading your blog tonight. Up here in Canada we’re suffering with the opposite temperature problem. A HIGH of minus 20? (that’s about minus 4 F) Kind of an oxy-moron but that’s what the weather forcaster said on the radio today. Ugh! The only thing getting me through is knowing that I’m coming to Australia (incidentally I leave tomorrow, which technically is yesterday for you, I think). I gotta admit it’s going to be strange leaving my jackets and toques behind when I leave. Should I bring a toque? Does it get cold enough to need mittens? I just can’t imagine what warm feels like, it’s been so long…

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