So a long time ago, Jen created a blog called “Love/Don’t Love.” So, some of us have followed suit with our own editions of that particular theme at various times in our nerdy blogging pasts. For some of my historical posts… see here:

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So now it’s time for my latest edition since it has just been way too long!

1. I love the Twilight book series. In fact, I don’t just love it… I’m completely and pathetically obsessed with it. Nicole suggested that I join the facebook group entitled “Because I read Twilight, I have unrealistic expectations in men.” I might just have to join. Although I love my wonderful boyfriend dearly…sometimes I think it would be nice if he were a super romantic vampire. I also love that I got my sister obsessed with the books as well… and that even my mom is reading them…I really want to post an entire blog dedicated to my new obsession, but I think I’ll leave that until I finish the whole series.

In the meantime…

2. I LOVE the Twilight movie. Ok, so they left some stuff  out, but nothing too crucial. Besides, Edward made up for anything they might have left out- he could have just walked back and forth across the screen for 2 hours and I would have been happy. I saw it last night and it just made my gay obsession even stronger and more pathetic.

3. I love that it has been beautiful and sunny the entire time I have been in California.

4. I (don’t) love that I packed the WRONG clothes for beautiful and sunny weather.

5. I love Andrew… I miss him.

6. I (don’t) love saying goodbye to my family and friends.

7. I love my new Sangria/lemonade/other refreshing beverage pitcher that Shannon got me for Christmas.

8. I love that I get really cheap flights.

9. I (don’t) love being on standby and never knowing if I’ll actually GET ON my flights. We shall see tomorrow… but I may be stuck here a bit longer!

10. I (don’t) love that I need about 5 suitcases to get everything home.

11. Did I mention I love the Twilight book series? So far Eclipse (the 3rd book) is my fave… but I’m on to the 4th so we shall see.

12. I (don’t) love that the books are going to end… it will be a sad, sad day in my life.

13. I (don’t) love 14 hour flights… but I don’t mind them so much when I have a 500+ page book to read, 4 episodes of grey’s anatomy and gossip girl to watch and a box full of Ambien.

14. I love French Line “Ruban Bleu” tea. It is the most tasty delish tea ever! So glad I discovered it when my best friends from high school and I went to tea on Sunday (which I also loved).

15. I (don’t) love that I still can’t walk properly and my foot still hurts 🙁 I really never anticipated this much trouble when I tried to catch that stupid bouquet!

16. Lastly, I love that my parents are coming to visit next month, so even though it will be hard to say goodbye, I’ll get to see them again very soon!

4 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long”

  1. Great post! I just did a post today of 100 things that make me happy, things that I love. So it was great to see your post on a similar note. Haven’t yet ventured into the the Twilight series, but after so many glowing reviews I might just have to. All the best with your flight home, hopefully you get back sooner than later!

  2. Erin… you have to read those books. They are wonderful!! Oh, and I started a 100 things that make me happy list last april (when i started my 101 goal list). That is one of the things I’m trying to do, but I always forget about it. I’m only at 50 things roughly. I take it way too seriously and can only put things on there that make me REALLY happy, so it’s taking me forever to finish.

  3. Yay! Paris in a Cup was so so fun. Glad you bought your yummy tea.

    And seriously…I think I may be the only one I know who still hasn’t read Twilight. I’m going to the bookstore and buying it this week dang-it!

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