Since I posted. Ok maybe not, but it’s been too long without my dear computer. You see, Tuesday morning I handed over my laptop to Emanuel who I work with so he could spruce it up, clean it, make it nice and pretty and wonderful.  I just got it back tonight and I’m SO HAPPY. So far it works great and it’s nice to have a fresh clean start and I can update all my settings and programs and its wonderful! So since I have my computer back, (and blogging abilities) here are just a few little things I’d like to discuss:

1. RSS Feeds. Since Jen kept blabbing on and on about RSS feeds to Dougie the other night (in hopes he would make an RSS feed or whatever for Shannon’s page) I finally decided to make use of these feeds. I don’t even know how they work, but I’ll figure out soon enough and I think once I do, it will only make me a bigger internet nerd- subscribing to all kinds of websites. I can keep up to date on all my crafty goodness and all the happenings with my friends. Woohoo.

2. Bird-b-Gone. Ummm…. yeah…. BEST IDEA EVER!!! I was driving back to work from lunch today and I drove by and office and saw the magic words – Bird B Gone, Inc. A company actually devotes themselves to ridding our lives of birds! I LOVE these people! Let me make it clear, while I don’t want the birds to actually die, I do want them to fly far far away and never hang out in trees or on walls or in bushes anywhere near my bedroom window. I’ve even scared my 4 year old niece with my stories of loud Aussie birds and she flat out told me that she doesn’t want to visit me in Australia because she doesn’t want to get woken up by a Kookaburra! No joke, she really said that. Just like her auntie, she likes her noise-free sleep!

3. Insurance. I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to health insurance plans for when I move and geez I really can’t stand insurance. My best friend sells the plans and I still cannot for the life of me figure this stuff out. I think the parts of my brain devoted to insurance and taxes are just missing. I even contemplated taking a class to learn about insurance and taxes because I just DON’T GET IT! But seriously, it would do me no good. It’s been explained to me 234098234 times and it will NEVER sink in. I will never understand deductibles, max benefits, underwriters, blah blah blah and I will also never understand taxes. Someone please just figure this out for me and tell me what to do!

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  1. i am so with you on the taxes and insurance thing! but i’d like to broaden my non-understanding to the entire finacial sector… 401K, roll-over IRA’s, roth IRA’s – WTF?

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