Thank goodness for the sun! While I don’t want to speak too soon, I think spring (and even summer) is coming! Today I planted my new little mini garden. Just the typical herbs- basil and cilantro (coriander). I think I’m even prepared for the bugs this time… I know they will come. Bring on the caterpillars and aphids. I’ve got my arsenal of soapy water spray and natural bacteria to kill you all! I also threw some lavender into a pot for some springtime color. Now all I need is a new little patio table and chairs and soon enough Andrew and I will be enjoying our dinner on the balcony in the warm Spring weather.

Unless it starts to get shitty and cold and rainy again. Let’s hope most of that crap is behind us!


Summer weather makes me happy. When I am happy, I get motivated. I plan. I DO STUFF! Rather than sitting around thinking about all the stuff I miss in CA, I actually think about the things I’d like to do here. Here’s a little story to illustrate that:

Andrew and I had wanted to move out of this place into somewhere closer to the shops and restaurants we often go to. But I think we’re probably going to stay afterall. While there are annoying things about this location, we really do like the apartment and I doubt we could find something as good for nearly the same price in the location we are after. Sooo…  I had an epiphany the other day. In exchange for living at the bottom of a hill, I decided I want a moped. I just want to be able to get to places in the town without always having a 20 minute walk to accompany my journey. Walking is fine sometimes, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood. So… since I’m lazy, I just end up sitting inside every day, hence I feel sad and bored. If I had a scooter I could get out and do stuff with my newfound motivation in the nice sunny weather!

Why not a car you ask? Well, A. cars are more expensive, and B. there’s no parking in this country so even if I could drive somewhere, I wouldn’t be able to park so it defeats the purpose. If I had a moped I could ride up to the gym and to the grocery store with ease. It would cut 20-30 minutes off of travel time to the city because I could just ride up to the bus stop, park my scooter and hop on the bus. The only problem is… I have to get a motorcycle license to legally ride a scooter. I have absolutely NO desire to learn to ride a motorcycle or to take a class on how to ride a motorcycle (which is required here). Why must there always be a dilemma? Maybe I should just get a Segway.

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