All my stuff is here! It got here yesterday after 2 1/2 months of being away. Only a few items were’nt tough enough to make the long journey! A couple of snapped table legs are no fun, but they are not the end of the world. I’m happy that my wine bar and all my dishes made it in one piece!

I’ve got a good start on putting everything away, but I’m nowhere near being finished! Still dodging boxes and trying not to step on screwdrivers that are all over the floor. I’m hanging pictures- but not in necessarily the places i WANT to hang them in. You see- all the walls in this place are concrete… soooo in order to hang things- you need special GIANT hanging things that are really ugly. We’re avoiding adding any more of those to the walls- we’re just trying to make use of the ones already installed.

I promise to send pictures as soon as this places looks semi-decent. right now it looks ridiculous so there’s no way I’ll be sending anything yet!

Stay tuned!

Oh and for all of you concerned about the power in my TV/dvd not working with Australian plugs… my step-down transformer worked and it’s all functioning!! Now we just have to wait for the cable to be installed in early Dec. That means it’ll be DVDs only for a few weeks!!

This is so exciting.

1 thought on “It’s HERE”

  1. So will your US TV be able to receive Australian broadcast signals? Given that they are different… Australia uses the PAL format and the US has NTSC. When I moved over, I was advised not to bring my TV because most US TVs cannot handle PAL signals. However, most Australian TVs can do both PAL and NTSC. Weird, eh?

    Nice blog, btw! Thanks for joining my site… can’t wait to hear your story!

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