Did I mention I have some visitors here? The lovely Amanda and super cool Stephen arrived yesterday morning bright and early. It was really fun going to bed at 4am the night before and then hearing my door buzzer go off at 7:30am. But, as soon as I heard Amanda’s voice on the other side of the intercom I was no longer tired. I’m so happy to see my friend and her awesome boyfriend.

Yesterday we went straight out to explore a few key areas of Sydney. We took a ferry from Mosman to Circular Quay and then walked around there and had lunch at a cute little cafe in the Rocks. Then we walked to Darling Harbour and had a look around there. It was packed since DH is celebrating its 21st birthday.

Interestingly enough, another girl I know is here from the US as well. Deena is here with her boyfriend and they are staying near Darling Harbour. When we were walking around I thought “it’s too bad she doesn’t have a phone I could call, we could try to meet up with her.”

Well, it didn’t really matter anyways because as we were standing in the information center looking at some brochures I heard? “HI” and we all turned to see none other than Deena herself standing there in the exact center looking at the exact brochures at the exact same time. How weird is that?

It’s cool to have some friends in town. I know I just had my parents here and that was great- we were able to go do and see so much that I don’t normally do on my own. But my parents don’t exactly like to go out and drink and dance- so it will be cool to get to do some of that later this week.

Seriously… with all the people I know visiting Australia (not all here for me of course but visiting Sydney, nonetheless) I feel like it’s raining Americans! I’ve known 7 different people who have been here just in the last 3 months. It’s great to get to get out and do stuff with people from back home. It was also great eating at my favorite Thai place last night… yum!

Today we hung around our neck of the woods. We had brunch at Balmoral, walked around the beach a bit, nearly got attacked by swarming seagulls, saw some kookaburras and then walked back up the hill to come home. Of course we were super hot when we got to the top of the hill (since the weather has been beautiful today) so the only real solution to solve our heat and sweat issues was to stop and have a few drinks at the convenient pub near my house.

Now it’s nappy time for Amanda and Stephen and I’m going to go chop up guacamole ingredients for our Mexican fiesta tonight!

I would post photos, but I left my camera in my purse… which I left in Andrew’s car… and he’s at work. So for now, you only have words to read and no pictures to look at.

Until next time…

(which may be awhile since I’m too busy having fun with my friends)

1 thought on “It’s Raining Americans”

  1. amanda & stephen

    we had SO MUCH FUN!! thank you and andrew for such a fun week. now it’s your turn to come see how we live in the dirty south.

    miss you already.

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