I’ve decided that I would really like to wake up every morning, walk to the grocery store (if it were in walking distance) buy some interesting and diverse food and spend the rest of the day searching the net for recipes and experimenting in the kitchen with my phenomenal culinary skills (and by phenomenal I mean novice). What I realize though is that I’d have to be really rich to spend that amount of money on food… and I probably wouldn’t feel like doing it after work every day- so I think this should just be my job. Shopping and cooking all day. Isn’t that what housewives do? Maybe I just want to be a housewife… without the kids… and I’ll just blog my new recipe creations for all to enjoy. And then I’ll probably get really fat from eating so much. Ok maybe I can shop, cook and go to the gym. Sounds like a good life to me.

I’ve decided that there’s no reason the trash man needs to come 6 times in one day. Really… NO REASON! Just come once… or twice… or even 3 times for the recycling, but 6? With that said, I’ve also decided that earplugs work wonders!!! Andrew has always been an earplug fiend, but they aren’t my favorite thing in the world. Well today, I woke up at 5:30 to something banging outside due to the crazy wind. I knew the dreaded arrival of the first of 6 trash trucks was impending so I gave in and put in the plugs. I fell back asleep and didn’t wake again until 7:40. Andrew had gotten up, showered and left (and he said the trash man came once or twice) and I didn’t hear ANY of it. (FYI… that is pretty much a miracle, I’m a LIGHT sleeper). I’d wear them every night if they didn’t limit me to sleeping entirely on my back. I haven’t quite mastered finding a position on my side without the pressure of the plugs jabbing into my eardrums.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI’ve decided that I want my own Schweeb. What is a schweeb you ask??

“The Shweeb velodrome is the world’s first human-powered monorail racetrack. It consists of two 200metre long overhead rail circuits that vary in height between two and four meters above the ground. Under the tracks hang high performance pedal powered vehicles. Between one and five vehicles can be loaded onto each track enabling teams to race each other or race against the clock.”

It would be great if they had one of these that went all around the city so I could just?Schweeb myself?everywhere!

And lastly, I’ve decided that it is time for some tea and a weight watchers lamington… have you? tried these little bites of heaven? They are delish. Ok, not the best in the?world, but they are low fat?and that makes them taste even better!?Sorry Americanos… no lamingtons for you!

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  1. no apartment can ever be perfect. trust me, after moving into 7 places in the last 9 years – you’ll never be 100% satisfied.

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