Late Night Safari at The Cross

Saturday I experienced my first REAL night out in the Cross (King’s Cross is a sleezy area of overpriced bars/clubs…for you Americanos). And oh what an experience that was. I like to relate my experience to that of a wild safari in Africa. There were so many wild creatures out that I just wanted to snap photos of them all. Unlike animals who just graze in the wild and ignore you when you snap your photos, these creatures probably would attack- so I had to refrain. So unfortunately I’m lacking photos of the 8 billion freakish girls wearing mini-skirts in the winter. I missed dozens of prostitues, such a shame. I missed taking a picture of the club we went to… or rather the name of the club. It was called Favella- and if any of you have been to Brazil, you would know that naming your club “Favella” is like naming your club “Ghetto” or “Bario” or something along those lines. Luckily the inside of this  Brazillian ghetto club was MUCH nicer than the name- although I do think I was one of 3 blondes in the entire place- so I didn’t exactly fit in. I was only able to capture a few other pics, but my memories will last forever.

We started our journey realllllly roughing it. Imagine camping in tents with no showers, no beds, etc.?in the middle of the African desert… well that’s what it was like at Wes’ new house when we had to eat dinner and drink on the floor with no chairs!! I’m amazed I was tough enough for that one!

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Here are Andrew and I about 5 hours into our “safari”

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We found a watering hole to quench our thirst on our long journey… it was a beautiful site in the middle of the wild:

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Evidently it’s mating season. Kate was lucky enough to come across these animals in heat- so we snapped a shot to share with the world!

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While I didn’t manage to get a photo of Favella, I did find this quaint spot. Charming right? A little beautiful gem… like an oasis in the heat of the desert.

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And lastly… on our adventure home (and it WAS an adventure)- we stumbled across the greatest find in all of the wildnerness… DEL TACO FRIES. Ok- it’s not really Del Taco… but the fries were good enough to be- it was the most beautiful site of the night. But I didn’t order any. I just stole a few of Ben’s. Thanks Ben.

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What a night!!

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  1. That picture of the people making out is hilarious!
    btw– I’m adding your blog to my blog roster–
    but, did you know that when you leave a comment and I click on your user name, it says it’s set to private and won’t let me go to your blog. I always have to go to YDU and then go from your signature there.

    Sorry for such a long note, but wasn’t sure if you knew your profile was set to private.

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