Today is Andrew’s first day back to work after the 2 days he had off with me! I am being very lazy this morning- just writing back to emails and stuff like that. Last night Andrew had Oztag which is like a rugby league. His team won of course because they are sooo good 🙂 Andrew’s brother Ben is on the team as well as his flatmate/friend Patrick. It was freeeeezing last night but I was told that it was actually one of the warmer nights. Andrew’s dad also came out to watch so I spent most of the time talking to him which was nice (although I can’t say I actually saw toooo much of the game).


Ooooh something kinda exciting thing to report (well, maybe only Jen will appreciate this) is that Dashboard Confessional has the Australian leg of their tour while I’m here. YAY!! I think they are performing on Sept 6th so we are trying to get tickets for that.


Hmmm… other than that, not too many exciting things going on today. It’s just nice being here. Yesterday Andrew and I went to breakfast at a little cafe and then went grocery shopping together. How cute! He cooked me a yummy dinner last night- it was nice!  🙂 I’ll post some more pics of this stuff eventually.

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