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Well, this post tackles two topics, both regarding flying.
First of all,?we’ll be flying?to Maui later this evening!! YAY! This will be the first trip andrew and I are taking together on a plane in the entire 2 1/2 years we’ve been together.

Airports are usually full of sadness. I’m always saying goodbye to someone. It used to be Andrew all the time and those days were HARD. Now when I travel I’m saying bye to Andrew or my family and friends. It will be SO nice to go to an airport for the first time in years and NOT have to say goodbye. Instead we’ll be saying ALOOOOOOHA!

We’ll be staying with my sister and the kids so it will be great to see everyone… Andrew hasn’t seen them all in a year and a half!
We’ll be flying Qantas… which is ironic because soon, someone I love will be actually FLYING Qantas… yes… actually flying the plane?(or at least hanging out in the cockpit!)

That’s right! Andrew got accepted into Qantas! He’s been flying for Qantaslink (Eastern) for the last 9 months but his goal his whole life has always been to fly for Qantas on the big jets.?Well?a few days ago he found out that he’s been accepted for a Second Officer postition. It’s actually way less work and responsibilities than he has now (which isn’t necessarily a good thing) but it’s a lot more money and holds a much better future.

He probably won’t start until?December or so?but at least he’s in line! He had his interview and Sim test 5 weeks ago and he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone. He was supposed to find out within 3 weeks and this week was #5, so you can imagine how agonizing and stressful the last few weeks have been.

Who knows… maybe one day Andrew will be the one flying the plane to Hawaii!!

3 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

  1. that is wonderful that you will have such a nice vacation together!!!!! I’m confused…you have a sister in Hawaii??? Anyways, that is exciting about the new job. I wish him all the sucess. Can’t wait to see pics from your trip! Come home safely 🙂

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