Dear Jet Lag,

I hate you. I really do. You make me so tired. You cause me to sleep through my alarm for over 10 minutes. TEN!! While this may not seem a lot to some people, let it be known that in an entire year, my alarm only goes off probably 10 times total! I always wake up before my alarm goes off, so to sleep through it for over TEN MINUTES is just not right. You cause me to wake up with a massive migraine and hangover feeling even though I only had 2 glasses of wine last night. Two glasses of wine plus jet lag = feeling like I drank 2 bottles of wine. NOT NICE!

Dear US Economy,

I hate you too. I thought I was immune to your black pit of misery and despair- but no, you finagled your nasty tenticles into my life as well and you’ve put a big damper on all my plans for 2010.

Dear Vaccination,

You made me feel like I had a migraine in my arm for about 36 hours. That was a week ago. Now, thanks to you, my arm is STILL sore. It’s not terrible, but enough to piss me off.

Dear Stupid OC Housewives,

Ok of course I’m not talking to all OC housewives- there are definitely many of you I like. I’m just speaking to the pathetic, fake, backstabbing trashbags. You are all scum. People like you often make me happy that I don’t live in this yuppy, stuck-up county anymore.

Dear Bob at Sir Speedy Printing,

You sent all your customers an email today asking  how is your 2010 so far?? Do you REALLY want me to answer that question? I know you just want some business- but what if I reply to your sales pitch email and just say shitty.  I wonder what you would say to that.

Dear Andrew,

I miss you.

Yes, I am having a bad day.

5 thoughts on “Letters”

  1. Out of all the visitors we had in Australia, the only one who didn’t suffer from jet lag much had taken melatonin supplements. I did not try it myself but it seemed quite effective.
    My remedy involved my pharmacist friend and the sleeping pills she would give me. I would take one the second night back (cause I always found the first 24 hours was the easiest) and one or 2 nights that following week.

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