It gets pretty lonely when Andrew is away. He’s gone on an overnight so I am left here to think about things that cause me to be lonely. Well, the first and primary reason is simply what I just stated, Andrew is gone… but there are several other things that make me a bit lonely and sad.

*disclaimer- I’m not really SAD, just kinda in a funk. It’s been rainy and gross out for over a week. Grey mucky weather seems to have a tendency to bring people down, especially when it is SUPPOSED to be sunny and warm since it is officially summer.

This also means I haven’t got out of the house much- being couped up inside when it is crappy outside also leads to feeling down and slummy and just plain blah.

I sit on the internet all day because it’s my form of entertainment. But sitting in one place for hours makes my back and head hurt which leads to me feeling down and cruddy.

I can hear the girl next door doing her billy blanks sounding workout video every few days. I sit and wish I could be over there doing it with her because I’m bored in here by myself.

It’s Christmas soon and it doesn’t seem like Christmas AT ALL here. No lights, no decorations, no tree smell. No holiday spirit that I can really see or feel. Bah Humbug.

I have no friends. Simply stated, it’s the truth. I have a few acquaintances that I see from time to time, but my only real friend that I can share feelings and thoughts and funny stories with is Andrew. And as mentioned before, he is gone tonight. blah

But on a lighter note, I have enjoyed talking to many people on an American Expat site that I found and I decided I will sign up for a class starting in February so I can get out and do things and meet more people. I just don’t know which class… should I take Spanish (pretty useless here but I’ve always wanted to learn), pilates, painting, or my personal favorite- wine appreciation?? Oh decisions decisions.

PS- the countdown is on til my return to California. I hope you are all ready to see me because I’m ready to see you! I’ll be back Sunday morning!

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