You know how when you’re a kid your parents tell you not to feed the stray cat in the neighborhood because it will just keep coming back over and over and over again expecting food? Well, the same thing goes for birds evidently. I’m pretty sure Andrew and I have just adopted pets… 2 birds to be exact. I’m not quite sure if these are the same two that visited us once before (Lucy and Leo)?so I will be giving these two different names… when I get around to thinking of some…because I can…because I’ve decided they are our pets. They’ve been visiting every day for the last 4 days or so. Yesterday they came 3 times and today they’ve already been twice.

So these are our new dear friends…

I’ve already determined that it definitely is the same two birds that keep coming back. I know they all kind of look alike- but when I examine their chests, they just look the same. Check out these two pics taken on different days -definitely the same right? They are totally in love and go everywhere together!?Sweet little lovebirds. Ok… maybe I made that up…because I can.

I’ve been informed by Marie (thanks) that these Rainbow Lorikeets like to eat fruit- so I’ve been cutting up bits of melon, mango and pears for them to eat. I’ve already discovered that they don’t like the peel of the pear (because they left a disgusting mess of it all over the balcony)- so now I peel the pear before I cut it up. This isn’t because I feel like being overly nice to these birds, I know they live in the wild and are perfectly capable of picking apart their own fruit. I just don’t want to clean up that mess again! Even Wikipedia agrees that these are messy birds “Their diet makes them particularly messy; they are well-known in aviculture for their liquid droppings and energetic and playful nature.” Liquid droppings? Great… well I guess if I had to choose- I would choose liquid over solid!

To minimize the mess, I’ve put a towel out on the balcony and the plate of fruit sits on the towel. However, they don’t really like the towel so they carry everything to the ledge of the balcony where they just make more of a mess.

Some more info?on Wikipedia says that “Rainbow Lorikeets travel together as pairs mostly and often pick up calls to fly as a flock, then dispersing again in to pairs. Rainbow Lorikeets pairs dominate their feeding areas against other pairs. They chase off not only smaller birds such as the stealthful Australian Miner, they also chase off larger and powerful birds such as Magpies.”

Well let me just tell you… this is totally correct! A magpie came and landed on the railing today?and these two did NOT like that. They cursed, swore and told that bird off in unison in their cute little birdy language! That magpie was gone in about 2 seconds!

So I guess that means our balcony is their “feeding area” that they will dominate. Well… that’s ok I suppose- as long as they dont start crapping on the patio table.

And check out how tame they are… You can see where?the boy bird (I decided the red chest was the boy… because I can)?was sitting on the chair, and I was able to fully open the door to take a picture without it freaking out and flying away. I think it secretly wanted to fly into our apartment to see what other kinds of yummy snacks it could find- so I didn’t leave the door open too long.

4 thoughts on “Love Birds”

  1. They are beautiful even though I’m not really a fan of birds. It is a lot better having those come by and not pigeons or seagulls!!!

  2. OH I love Lorikeets! We have a whole group that hangs out in the tree near our balcony, but I am worried about putting out food because of the poo factor – I love your little pair though – they are SUCH gorgeous birds:)

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