Given that it’s Valentines week and all and I’m luckily not one of those people that hates the mushy red and pink day (anymore) I decided to write a series this week all about love. This won’t be a blog series about love for my husband… while I could write pages about that I’m not sure everyone would love reading all that sap. Instead I’m going to write about a few discoveries and other things that I’ve been totally loving lately. Sound good? So to start my series of lovely lovable things I shall first write about one of my favourite websites –  Yelp.


I mentioned Yelp in my last post about New York but the more I think about it, the more I realise that this needs its own post. Maybe several. It is just THAT good. Yelp is a review site much like Eatability or Urban Spoon for you Aussies, but it’s about a million times better (and cooler). It’s not just for restaurants, you can review your hairdresser, grocery store, local parks, you name it. While Yelp is uber amazing and helped us find phenomenal restaurants on our trip to NY and DC (and I know it’s been popular in the US for years), it is fairly new and still growing in Australia and so it needs more people to contribute. Can’t have a good review site without lots of reviews, right? They do add a social element to the site as well. You can add friends, check in, earn badges, take photos and post events. Oh what fun.

Let me tell you why else I love Yelp. They throw badass parties!


I went to this one last week and holy crap it was fantastic. The ‘80s Yelper Party was three hours of bowling, karaoke singing, hula hooping, atari playing, rocking to 80s tunes and inhaling copious amounts of food and drink all night amazingness! Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Snag Stand, Country Corn, The Nutty Baker, World bar & O!MoMo, Valhalla Dessert Bar, Giesen Wines, & Mountain Goat  filled my belly with way too much good stuff and made me seriously happy all night long. Did I mention the candy bar with giant bowls of gummies and a cooler filled with what I would call Otter Pops?

All this was free… yep, FREE and all of this was available to anyone who uses Yelp, yes, ANYONE. Best. Site. Ever.

Here are some of the hundreds of photos from this event.

I know I sometimes have sponsored posts but this is not one of them. I legitimately love this site so much that I’m spending my free time on a sunny Sunday to sit indoors and write about it. I genuinely want to see it grow. I want to use Yelp to find great restaurants and businesses in Australia as much as I did in New York. Makes sense considering I’ll be eating out here way more than I ever will in the US. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, give it a go and while you’re at it, check out some of my recent reviews. Even if you’re not ready to contribute it may help you find a really great place for dinner tonight.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Yelp myself…it’s essential for travel. And you’re totally right…the Yelp parties are the bomb! In fact, I’m going to one tomorrow night.

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