Andrew and I won’t be taking engagement photos (unless some lovely photographer in Sydney would like to take some for us for free) 🙂 – but we were fortunate to take some awesome shots back in June when we went to California- so let’s just pretend these are engagement photos, shall we?

 My BFF is an aspiring photographer who wanted to practice out her developing photo snapping skills so she asked if she could take some shots of us in the park. I was happy to oblige (and so was Andrew which is highly surprising since he HATES photos). They turned out great! I just thoguht I’d share a few of my favorites with the world. I just love my dearest fiance SO much and these pictures of us make me happy! Oh and Jen- if this post sounds a lot like yours, I must tell you that I wrote this last night- I just hadn’t published it yet.

Elsja & Andrew (5)

Elsja & Andrew (4)Elsja & Andrew (2)


Elsja & Andrew (7)

10 thoughts on “Love”

  1. Those picutres are beautiful… I have to agree the last one it great and would make a wonderful engagement photo…

    You guys make a cute couple!

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  2. Hello I also have a long distance relationship with my Aussie bf and read your blog regularly. No disrespect or anything but your boyfriend is unbelievably f’ing smoking hot. Holy crap.

  3. Those are great photos! I don’t even know you guys in “real” life but these totally put a smile on my face because you two just look so happy together 🙂

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