Lovely Balls Made from Cake

I always love a good reason to bake something. Well since we have a birthday party/wine night tomorrow, I thought this might be the perfect time to bust out my Kitchenaid mixer. I’ve really been wanting to make an attempt at little cake balls. These nifty little treats can be found on the Bakerella blog (which I love :)). Ok Bakerella is the QUEEN at these awesome cake balls and cake pops. Me… not so much! I guess we all start somewhere though, right?

You basically make a cake, crumble it up, mix in some frosting, roll into balls and then dip in chocolate.


I actually did attempt a version of these a few weeks back and they turned out just ok. I used my flower shaped cupcake pan and omitted the whole part where I crumble it up and mix with frosting. Instead I attempted to just dip the flowers. Yeah that didn’t turn out too pretty- but the strawberry cake went well with the white chocolate and so they were still yummy!!


So tonight I tried to make them the “proper” way. I COULD have made them from scratch, but I wasn’t feeling THAT adventurous so I just bought a box cake mix. I figured most people (not including me) like chocolate best, so I got chocolate cake and here’s what happened next:

1. I baked the cake, mushed it all up & then mixed in the frosting


2. Then I rolled the balls, chilled them and then dipped them in white chocolate



3. I added some white sprinkles and voila! Cute little chocolate snowballs!


Now, I realize they don’t look all that pretty (well, not up close in person at least) but it was my first real attempt, so I guess I’m just glad they are edible.

Speaking of eating them,  I couldn’t even eat an entire ball. It was way too chocolaty for me  but I will explain the taste for you chocolate lovers out there. It’s like eating SUPER moist chocolate cake coated with chocolate frosting and topped with some white chocolate for a little crunch. NOT my favorite dessert (I preferred the strawberry ones) but Andrew ate 2.

Tomorrow I’ll be baking some Gruyere, garlic and onion pizza things from scratch to bring to the party. I’m looking forward to eating those WAY more than these chocolate goodies. I’ll let you all know how those turn out in the next few days, but I have a feeling they will be wonderful!

3 thoughts on “Lovely Balls Made from Cake”

  1. OMG…they look good and sound good! I can handle all that chocolate (mmmm, moist chocolate cake is like molten chocolate cake), so if you ever make them again and need help eating, let me know!

  2. Those look great! That would be a fun thing to make for a kid’s party instead of plain old cupcakes. I’m more into strawberry too though. Thanks for the idea!

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