Life really can get the best of you sometimes and it can be so easy to let  months pass between visits with good friends. Back in February we decided  to stop procrastinating and plan something fun for a small group of us. We finally booked the weekend away that we seemed to talk about for years, but never made happen. So on the last weekend of March we drove three hours down to Jervis Bay with our friends Kimbo, Stu, Bec, Olly, Mel and McKenzie. The weather had been pretty shocking all week and it was still pouring  on our drive down Friday afternoon so we somewhat prepared ourselves for the realisation that we may be playing board games indoors for two days.

Luckily, the weather cleared up and it was absolutely beautiful.

Friday night we all stayed in and enjoyed a home cooked meal of fajitas, tacos, guacamole and salsa. Oh and let’s not forget the wine! Saturday the ladies went for a walk  and the guys all went for a run. We came back, made ourselves some lunch and then headed off to Hyams Beach, which evidently has the whitest sand in the world. It was white, but the previous days of rain made it a bit darker so I’m a bit skeptical about that claim.

Saturday night the guys cooked up a BBQ and the ladies made a big salad. There’s something to  be said about having eight of your good friends around a table eating a home cooked meal and enjoying great conversation. It was a really nice night.

Sunday before we headed off we decided to visit Green Patch, which was absolutely beautiful.  Kangaroos just a few metres from the water was a pretty cool sight to see, especially the mama kangaroo with her little Joey.

We had lots of fun and it was a really special weekend for us! 🙂

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