Loves & (Don’t) Loves For the Week

I Love: Scotch Fingers and tea

I (Don’t) Love: that at home, I can get 10 limes for 1 dollar. Here, I get ONE lime for $1.66.

I Love: Lemon Lime Bitters – I had always heard about these but finally tried one yesterday.

I Love: meeting new friends on the internet who take me to festivals and introduce me to lemon lime bitters! (Thanks Julia, Hal and Chris).

I (Don’t) Love: that I really want a gym membership and they all cost about $80/month here.

I Love: that we get to move into our new place in 2 weeks. I’m really impatient though so I wish it was 1 week.

I (Don’t) Love: that all my stuff was supposed to arrive on the 20th and still no word on any of it.

I (Don’t) Love (even MORE): that when I tried to track the ship online I got this message (what does it even mean?):


I Love: that giant canvases here are super cheap. The only thing I’ve seen so far that is cheaper than the US

I (Don’t) Love: Missing my friends and family… and thinking about missing Thanksgiving and turkey and pumpkin pie and egg nog

I (Love): wine

( I couldn’t think of one last love, so I just thought I’d throw wine in there because I always love wine).


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