Since I started working in Darlinghurst I’ve had the chance to try a few new restaurants; therefore, I shall blog. šŸ™‚

Mad Pizza

I went here with some girl friends last week after work. I can happily say “I’d go back” because I actually already did. A few days ago some colleagues were heading there for lunch and I tagged along. So my review is based on both of my visits.

Decor/Setting: 7: I think the place is definitely cute. Not ultra comfortable because they use little benches instead of chairs, but not bad either. I like that you can order at the bar and pay separately before your food comes so that you can just get up and go whenever you’re finished. I also like the paper tablecloths and crayons on each table. Drawing while you chat definitely kills the time while waiting for your food.

Value: 8: The first night I got a pasta which was comparably priced to most Italian places I go to, but the serving size seemed a little bigger than normal. We also ordered REALLY good parmesan bread and we got 4 huge pieces for 8 bucks. I definitely thought it was well worth it. You can order jugs of wine instead of whole bottles which is pretty cool. You don’t really get any sort of discount by doing so but for some reason I felt better ordering one jug rather than 3 glasses. šŸ™‚ The second time I went I got an individual pizza and salad for 10 bucks. That was definitely good value considering I paid $9.90 for a crappy pre-made sandwich two days later.

Service: 7 – The first night service was pretty quick, but for lunch I feel like we had to wait forever for our food and then we had to rush to eat it. Both times everyone was pretty nice.

Taste: 8- My pasta was really good and my pizza was decent. I ordered a pasta with cream sauce but I asked for red sauce instead. Rather than replacing the cream sauce, they just added the red to make a pink sauce. Although I was bummed about the fat content, it very really delicious! The pizza was good- SUPER thin crust and not soggy at all, but the chicken on the pizza was VERY bland. The sauce and toppings were good but the bland chicken actually made the deliciousness factor go down. I’d probably get a vegetarian one next time.

So there’s one review for you. I’m sure I’ll have many more in the upcoming months. I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new world of food and bars by making the trek over the harbour for work each day. It’s pretty exciting!

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