Making the World a Better Place

I’m going to start doing something nice for the world.

I am going to start volunteering! By volunteering, I really just mean doing some work at a yoga studio a few times a week in exchange for free yoga classes.

So I guess it’s not REALLY volunteering per se but hey, I’m not getting paid. To me- that’s volunteering.

I may not be helping sick children or cleaning up beaches*, but it WILL still help the world out! How you ask?  Hey, if I get healthier and more in-shape, I will be a much happier person. If I have some time to “meditate” and relax, I will be a much happier person. If I happen to meet a new friend while I’m doing my happy helper yoga duties, I will possibly be a happier person (unless that new friend starts to get on my nerves like a lot of people tend to do). Anyways, If I am happier, Andrew will be happier and he will have better days at work. This means he will fly the planes with even more accuracy than he already does and all the passengers will be even safer and more comfortable on their flights. Then, they will arrive to their destinations in a good mood and they will spread their happiness to others. My happiness will spread throughout the planet. AND… since I won’t need to PAY for yoga, I will have more money to spend in shops and restaurants which will help to stimulate this poor economy.

So you see… my 2 hours of work each week in exchange for free yoga classes really will make the world a better place.

You can all sleep easy tonight!

*For the record- I WOULD help sick children if I could actually find a place close to me where they need volunteers for this. I would not clean beaches. I clean my house, I don’t pick up other people’s trash. I’m a people person, not a litter and manual labor person. Good thing there are other people who like doing that sort of stuff.

5 thoughts on “Making the World a Better Place”

  1. I loved this post. lol It literally made me smile. I love your logic and positive vibe! So cute and funny. I have no doubt that what you send out into this world will come back to you. You are blessed!

  2. Haha, I love your logic too! Though I do worry a tad bit about the inverse- if you DON’T volunteer at the yoga studio, does that mean Andrew’s passengers will be less safe?! 😉 What are you doing at the yoga studio exactly- teaching?!

  3. No not teaching… faaar from that. More like cleaning and restocking and admin stuff. Easy peasy stuff that will get me a free class.

    And no, andrew’s passengers will always be safe because he is a wonderful pilot. He will just be HAPPIER if I’m happier 🙂

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