So for some weird reason, I decided to do this cleanse. New year… clean out my body… blah blah. I’ve known people who have done it and they feel GREAT after. I am looking forward to that great feeling because I’m sure the process itself will be miserable.?But seriously, it’s 10 days of my life,? I can do it, right???I always thought “I could NEVER do that… how do?these people have the willpower??” I am here to prove myself wrong.

Here is what I will be consuming for the next 10 days:


Roughly 1 liter of salt water… blugh- actually I already did this- it wasn’t so bad tasting, but it was SO much water that I felt full for SO long. Thats a good thing I guess.

Rest of the day:

A mixture of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It’s really not as gross as it sounds. I think I put too much pepper so it tastes a bit weird. Its 1:15 and I’m only having my first glass.

10 days seems VERY daunting at this point, but so far day 1 is not bad at all. I hear days 2-4 are the worst! Then people say they feel great, aren’t hungry and have total energy.

I haven’t been hungry yet- it’s more of a mental desire to eat- and even that is not too strong at the moment. Wish me luck!!

2 thoughts on “Master Cleanse”

  1. i would NEVER EVER EVER be able to do this. i like eating way too much.

    funny though, moss was at some concert and jessica biel was in front of her. they got to chatting and moss offered her a piece of chocolate and she said “oh, i’d love to, but i’m on the cleanse”.

    just don’t be that girl!

  2. HAHAHAHA that is funny. Honestly- I thought the same thing… I would NEVER be able to. I used to think people were crazy. Then I just decided I could. 3 days down now. UGh.

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