wine bar2.pngI’ve been searching and searching for a wine bar/cabinet for MONTHS now. Literally months! I’ve found a few that are decent, but they are all cheaply made, or small, or too big or too expensive. My main problem is that all the ones I was finding fit plenty of wine bottles, and maybe SOME wine glasses, and thats IT. I really wanted it to fit all my glasses and maybe some other alcohol bottles too. Soooo I finally sucked it up, spent a bit more than I wanted and bought this one from Cost Plus World Market. After comparing a million of them, I realized that this is just the best of all the things I want in a wine bar. It’s got plenty of space for LOTS of stuff and it’s not TOO giant (it’s about 3 1/2 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide). I think what finally sold me on it was the fact that the store would build it for me for free- that is seriously the BEST part! Now I hope that I have room for it where ever we end up living because this WILL be coming with me to Australia… even if the only place it fits is in the bathroom. wine bar3.png

As I mentioned before, I had been looking for one of these for MONTHS. I’m the most indecisive person ever so I just haven’t been able to make a commitment to ONE item. I kept reading reviews and pondering the ways I would have to put these items together myself. I had seen this one a few times but didn’t want to spend the money. Sooo, as you can imagine I felt a huge relief after finally buying this today. I felt like i should celebrate. I thought about buying some wine to fill up the bar (and then drink in celebration) but I’d have no one to celebrate with. I wish my boyfriend were here, he’d make these kinds of decisions WAY easier, and they we could drink some wine together.

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