Last week one of Andrew’s friends told me he wanted to bake. Yes, a boy… a pilot boy wanted to bake! Since Andrew would probably NEVER want to bake with me, I jumped at the chance to bake something.

So when I asked this boy what he might want to bake he blurted out the following:

“Muffins! Maybe blueberry muffins… NO, how about white chocolate raspberry muffins?”

A man who knows exactly what he wants!

So I went home and did what I do best… googled. I typed in “white chocolate raspberry muffins” and this was the first link I clicked on: Exclusively Food. I read a bunch of the comments and it seemed like these were some pretty damn good muffins. So I texted Andrew’s friend, let him know I had a recipe and we set up a baking date.

These muffins were a little TOO easy to make. Not that it’s a bad thing, but our big baking adventure turned into a 15 minute session. Oh well, we can always bake more later right?

So the result?

YUMMMMMMUFFINS! They are so very delicious and so very bad for me. I definitely recommend them if you like this kind of thing. And really, who DOESN’T like this kind of thing??

Here’s a not so pretty picture of the little bites of heaven. Too bad I don’t have a fancy camera and good lighting to take photos with.

5 thoughts on “Mmmmmuffins”

  1. Woo hoo!!!!

    1. I ♥ Google. 2. A boy who bakes? Incredible. 3. They look scrumptious! 4. We should take a cooking class together.

  2. For some reason my comments don’t seem to be showing up on your posts, so I’ll give this another try!

    You don’t need a fancy camera – they look delicious and a cute story, too!

  3. V… I love google too! And I love baking… and I love the muffins. I’ve always wanted to tkae a cooking class, but there’s a lot I don’t eat (mainly of the animal variety) so I’m afraid I’d get a class where I wouldn’t even be able to enjoy the stuff we made!! I’m still always interested though ๐Ÿ™‚

    Globalgal… so weird about the comments. I DO get A LOT of spam, so I have some words moderated and stuff and sometimes i forget that these words that are present in a lot of spam CAN be quite innocent as well. Let me know if it happens again and I’ll try to figure out why!

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