More Cute Things That Kids Say

Two cute things I heard today from two different 3 year olds.

The first was a client. We were making pizzas out of play dough and I was asking him about food. The second was a conversation with my niece. We were doing a puzzle together and she is REALLY good. Not one of those board puzzles where you fill in the pieces where they fit. This was an actual real 24 piece cardboard puzzle. Anyways, read on for some laughs.

Conversation # 1 Play Dough Pizzas

Me: I think I’ll put some cheese on mine, and mushrooms. Do you like pizza?

Kid: Yeah I like pizza

Me: I like pizza too. What’s your favorite food? Do you like carrots?

Kid: Yeah I like carrots. I like vegetables. They make me poop.

Conversation # 2 The Puzzle

Me: Wow Emma, you’re finding all the pieces!

Emma: I know!

Me (to my mom): Wow, the pieces totally catch her eye, she’s doing this so fast!

Emma (in response to my statement to my mom): I know, because I’m really good at this!!

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