I really feel that I deal with incompetence on a daily basis. I don’t understand why some people are just SO hard to deal with. My latest occurrence came about as I was trying to get quotes to have some sports shirts printed for a friend. I called a lady on the phone yesterday and told her that I need a logo on the front and the team name and number on the back. When I was on the phone with her she kept stating (in her incomprehensible English) that she would do the logo on front and the word “TEAM” on the back with the number.


I said I need the TEAM NAME… which happens to be Falcons. Again, she could NOT understand what I was saying. I spelled it for her about 4 times. I thought she FINALLY understood what I was saying until I got this email from her today:


Further to our email in yesterday, please be advised that the quote on letter computer vinyl cut of  SALCONS TEAM  is quoted on each letter.

i.e. Letter: 2  height

Price: $ 2.5 + GST each letter x 11 letters = $ 27.5 + GST per tees

Any unclear, please get back to us ASAP.

Wow. Yes, “any unclear” is right!! Well, here is my response to her on that:

Thanks, I appreciate your quote but I think that there was a bit of miscommunication with what should be printed on back. When I spoke to you on the phone I said  the team name will be printed on the back  and the team name is FALCONS. I tried to make it clear that the word FALCONS would be printed and even specified a couple of times that the word TEAM was NOT to be printed. When I was spelling the word falcons to you, you didn’t seem to understand so I said falcon, like the bird. I guess it still was not clear.

I just need to make sure that any company I work with is able to understand my requests clearly. The other companies I spoke to did not have any troubles understanding my requests. Also, your prices are quite a lot higher than all of the other quotes I received so I will not be going with your company at this time.

Thanks again,


I think I need to start a daily posting called “incompetence of the day.” I’m pretty sure I would have  A LOT to blog about.

2 thoughts on “More Incompetence”

  1. Hello, we dont know each other or anything but I just found your blog while looking for an example of an 101 list..

    Anyway I just want to say, on this blog entry, your opinion is like music to my ears – I feel your pain!! I deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis for my job and its nothing short of frustrating!!! The way I see it, and I wouldnt call myself racist but if you’re gonna run/work in a business in an ENGLISH speaking country then it helps if you speak AND understand English!!

    It feels like these days conducting yourself in a professional manner in the workplace is becoming a thing of the past!!
    Good luck with the shirts!!

    1. Thanks so much Nicola! I couldn’t agree with you more. I know it sounds bad, but if I’m trying to search for a company to give my money to, I want to make sure they at least understand what I want to pay them for. Good luck with your 101 list. Have you started one yet? 🙂

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