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  Will the weddings ever end? We’ve been to 3 in the last 3 months, not to mention one we had to miss, plus Jen and James’?coming up later this month!! We had a really fun time at Rob and Monica’s wedding on Friday night! Good fun, good food, good dancing!?Annnnd… I caught the bouquet! First time I’ve caught one since I was about 11. Obviously it didn’t do much for me back then (that’s a good thing), so I don’t really have any hopes this time… but it was a great way to get all of Andrew’s friends to give him a hard time for 2 minutes. Fun Fun!?And the champagne and guava was flowing… Not sure what’s up in this country but the C&G is the wedding drink of choice and DEFINITELY my drink of choice. It?is way too easy to drink and just looks so pretty. I love champagne and I love it even more with guava juice.?Weddings are?pretty different in Australia than in the US. Here are a few differences:?1. They sign the wedding license as part of the ceremony, in the US this is typically done separately.?2. The whole part before dancing starts is WAY longer. Appetizers/Entrees are served first, then mains, then speeches, then about?3 hours into the night the dancing finally starts.?3. I haven’t seen one father/daughter dance at any wedding here. Guess that’s just popular in the US.?4. Every wedding so far has only had 2 bridesmaids/groomsmen (as opposed to the 4-7 I see at most US weddings).?5. When they cut the cake, they don’t actually feed each other the pieces. They literally just cut it and that’s it.?Hmmm… there are many others that I’ve noticed but those are the main ones in my brain at the moment. It’s going to be interesting to go back to a US wedding after seeing 3 in Australia recently.

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