So I keep getting these early fraud warnings from Citi Mastercard telling me they’ve noticed odd charges on my card. Well on the letter it says “if you identify unauthorized transactions on your account, please notify us immediately.”

Well, I haven’t noticed any unauthorized transactions so I haven’t contacted them. But today, after receiveing about the 10th letter in the mail, I decided to give them a call.

The Indian man on the line told me there was a block put on my card because of suspicious charges and this is how the conversation progressed:

Me: “there’s a block on it??? I’ve been able to use my card”

Moron: “yes that’s right, you havent been able to use your card”

Me: “NOOOO… I HAVE been able to, I just used it a couple days ago”

Moron: “No there is a block on it”

Me: “I JUST used it”

Moron: “No”

Me: “Ummmm… yes. I’m telling you, I JUST USED MY CARD”

Moron: “I see a charge today from a phone company”

Me: Yes, EXACTLY. my card works fine!

**Ummm… did this guy tell me no I didn’t use it?? Retarded moron. Anyways, it continues**

Me: “Can you tell me when this block was supposedly put on?”

Moron: “Let me check (long pause), um no ma’am I’m sorry we don’t have that information.”

Me: “um ok, well can you tell me WHY it was put on in the first place? LIke what charges seemed suspicious?”

Moron: “Let me check (long pause), um it looks like they have been sending you letters since September 8th.”


DId this guy just tell me he didnt know when the block was put on, and then 2 seconds later tell me it started September 8th???


Anyways, I don’t think my card was ever blocked, they just kept sending me letters for no reason. Although I appreciate their intent, I don’t appreciate calling to clear things up and talking to incompetent people.



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