Music Makes all the Difference

So I finally put some new music on my ipod… not tons, but about 5-6 songs that I could add to my gymjam playlist. Seriously, I was so bored at the gym every day listening to the same 40 songs over and over… well really it ended up being the same 10 songs over and over because I was ALREADY sick of the 30 others on that list. I would go to the gym, but my motivation to actually work hard had kinda blown out the window because all they play on the stupid TVs are ESPN and CNN. World news and sports that I have no interest in (including the SPELLING BEE they played on ESPN yesterday) do not get me excited to sweat.

Anyways, it’s amazing what just one little song can do! Yes I know I added 5 or 6- but really, theres just one that pumps me up 🙂 It’s my new (old) favorite song. I say new (old) because I’ve liked the song forever, but I’ve never actually had it on my ipod until now. It’s the Underworld song from Trainspotting (born slippy). That is seriously the best song ever to get me in the mood to work out. I just play it over and over and I can run forever. Well… not forever. Hopefully it will be awhile before I get sick of that song too.

It’s a good thing I have my newfound motivation to work harder at the gym, especially since this is what we spent the day doing on Monday:


IMG_0139 (Small).JPG

Now, I don’t even really like cake all that much, let alone chocolate cake. I know, I’m weird. But, these little adorable bite size pieces of heaven are just delicious! I think it’s that yummy glaze stuff that appeals to me. You can just pop a cute little flower in your mouth… and then another… so quick, so easy… so dangerous!!!

So we spent a lot of the day Monday making these (that’s my pink one up there) and then I’ve spent a lot of the rest of the week eating them. And one box of cake mix makes about 23487234 of these things! I wish they would disappear into someone else’s belly before I eat them all!!

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