Well I though I would make this short and sweet. But… it’s not so short and sweet after all!

We saw Muse last night at the Greek and they were WONDERFUL- such good performers. I had Just a few concerns though.

First of all, I hope the yappy yacky biznatch standing next to me who wouldnt SHUT UP wakes up with laryngitis tomorrow and can’t talk for 2 weeks. I don’t understand how her boyfriend put up with her. I didn’t hear him say one word the entire show but she sure had plenty to say. Especially during the really mellow quiet songs. I seriously wanted to punch her in the face. At one point I turned my whole body and stared right at them for 10 seconds hoping maybe they would get the hint. I know they felt me staring, so they wouldnt look. Jen sensed my anger and moved me to her other side before I knocked the chick out-not that i would have, but I did have clenched fists because I was so annoyed. Good move Jen, I think I was about to snap!! (especially since the SAME thing happened to me at Dashboard last week.)

Secondly, and most IMPORTANTLY!!!!

 Can someone PLEASE tell me where this went??? Maybe it has been kidnapped and it is being held hostage!!!! HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT??? I’ll scrape my savings and send it off because I need this back A.S.A.P












This keyboard is the most amazing part of the entire show. See the cool lights in the right picture? WHYYYYYYYYY did they get rid of this and replace it with a boring white keyboard. I mean I know it matches their whole “white” theme which was cool (see below)…  but really,  it can NEVER compare their old super cool psychadelic light show keyboard!!

 7-06 Muse 004 (Small).jpg

And what happened to all the cool effects and stuff??? Last time they sent giiiiiinormous floating white balloons into the audience during the encor and at this show below they had cool red stuff flying around… see….










I just miss all the cool pretty visual effects that seemed to be lacking this time around! 

Anyways… they still were amazing live. Their music was great- I just wasn’t as super stoked about the theatrics of it all. The crowd was pretty gay and dull too. I think people were all smoking too much weed. Wake up stoners! Time to dance, not take bong rips! GEEEZ.

Don’t worry! I’ll post another blog in two days after I go to my SECOND Muse concert tomorrow night 🙂 I bet you can’t wait! Especially you Andrew who I know will write me some horribly mean comment about how shitty and Gay Muse is! Well… you can’t get me down with your evil words.

3 thoughts on “Muuuuuse <3”

  1. Elsja Elsja Elsja…

    Life is just too short.

    I’m saddened and disappointed that you wasted precious minutes of it writing a blog of this nature on this topic, not to mention actually going to see them live. I really did think you were better than that.

    For those of you who want a REAL appreciation of this band, see my blog where you can find an accurate review of their latest CD.

    Let’s hope no one else is as stupid as I have been by dignifying this band blog with a comment


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