I pretty much spent most of Friday night and some of Saturday just painting. Let me remind everyone, I am not an artist… other than some rocking chairs for my niece and nephew- I have painted 4 things EVER. Two of those things were this weekend. I was pretty happy with how they both turned out. I can’t post them both yet, I have to wait before I show one of them, but the other is below. I painted some canvases for Jen’s bedroom at her request. They match the colors of her room really well considering I didn’t have much to go off of other than memory.

Anyways- take a look. Very basic, minimal and simple, but I think they work perfectly for jen’s simple decor 🙂

IMG_0419 (Small).JPG

IMG_0420 (Small).JPG


I’ll post my other painting later this week. It’s special and no one can see it yet.

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