I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Mine was great! I am thankful that I was able to spend it with my family, although I did miss Andrew. I just really enjoy watching my niece and nephew get so excited! They are so sweet and although they are spoiled, they are?not greedy like some kids. They are thankful for each gift they get and frequently say Santa is SO nice and when they open presents from their family they exclaim “you are the BEST!” They are patient as we all take turns opening our gifts in a circle as we’ve done since I was?a kid.

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My 7 year old nephew Preston?got us all presents from his school boutique. My sister gave him money and they create a list for who he can spend the money on. He bought each of us a gift, he even got one for Andrew and he picked them out all by himself without any help. He put so much thought into his gifts that he chose- picking something that made him think of each of us. For my mom, he got her a set of these chocolate/candy covered spoons that you stir in your coffee/tea. My mom always makes him tea or hot chocolate, it’s their special little thing that they do together. He got my dad a toy antique car, knowing that my dad has a collection of these small cars in our living room and even has 2 real “antique” cars in our garage. He got his sister a cute stuffed bear that she quickly named Bob. ?Bob was an interesting choice considering she normally names all of her animals things like “beary, sparkles, lamby” and other cutesy names.?My gift was a?small candle. The candle is the clear kind with the shells and little blue coloring to make it look like the ocean. His reasoning for picking thit out?is that it would help me remember Huntington Beach when I am in Australia. He is such a sweet precious boy. I am looking forward to seeing what he picked out for Andrew. I didn’t want to open it yet- although maybe I should have since I’ll be taking whatever it is through customs. šŸ™‚ Sweet little Emma was so cute talking about her “pressies” all day. I told her awhile back that Australians call presents pressies and now she insists on calling them pressies as well. She’s also started using the word “bum.”

Christmas wasn’t just fun for the kids- I got lots of nice goodies as well! Here are a few of my favorite things I received:

1. The kitchenaid Mixer- yay! Now I can bake, although I probably wont do that for awhile since I need to lose the 7-8 lbs I gained when I moved to Australia šŸ™


2. The cute apron that I asked for. I never really REALLY understood why people NEEDED aprons. I thought they were just for looks- however after baking for a few weeks and cooking a lot more, I realize that cooking is actually very messy. So- I actually DO need an apron to avoid the flour and sauce from getting all over my clothes. And yes, I chose a cute one that I probably wont want to get dirty anyways- but a dirty apron is better than dirty clothes.


3. My Rabbit corkscrew. I love wine- and this will just be great for Andrew and I. Yippee



We also had a really nice family Christmas “dinner” although the kids kept getting annoyed that we were calling it dinner since we ate around lunch time. I missed out on Thanksgiving so the turkey and stuffing and potatoes, etc. were VERY tasty! I am very thankful for having such a great family and friends and I’m happy to have had such a nice Christmas. I just wish Andrew could have been here. The only thing that was a bit sad about the holiday was knowing that my poor boy had to work on Christmas eve, Christmas and boxing day šŸ™ I wonder when we’ll actually be able to spend our first Christmas together. Maybe next year šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “My Christmas”

  1. OK… that is by far the cutest apron I have ever seen. Where do I get one? And is your stand mixer really lime green? If so I love it. Mine is the “safe” stainless steel one and I hate it! Well, I love it but always wish I would have gotten the colored one that I really wanted to get but was too afraid to. I thought I may get sick of the color, which I am now with my colorless one…. i may sell it to Megan and get the one I love.
    How long are you here for again? Can we do lunch or are you too swamped?

  2. i love love the apron too!

    but OMG – emma and preston are too adorable. i love all preston’s gifts. and emma saying “pressies” has to be the cutest thing ever.

    glad you had some good family time!

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