My “Expert” Concert Review

Since I like music but am by no means any sort of expert, I’ll write this review with one disclaimer: this is my OPINION

Last night, Andrew, Kate, Muzza and I all went to the Linkin Park concert. I know some of you are already thinking to yourselves… “WHY?” Well, in addition to being a hot pilot, Andrew also works for a radio station called Nova and he decided to work a shift at the concert. So he got paid for the night AND we all got free tickets. Can’t really pass that up.

Chris Cornell opened and while I think he has an awesome voice, he was boring as shit. I enjoyed listening to the 3 songs I knew… and wanted to fall asleep during the rest. Not discrediting him or anything- but it just didn’t do it for me. Plus he looked depressed and CRACKED out. Maybe that was just the rockstar look he was going for.

Linkin Park on the othe hand put on a really good show. Now, this doesn’t mean I actually enjoyed it all, but I still can appreciate that it was really good. They had a cool stage and lights (we all know I love me some light shows at a concert) but seriously, no matter how hard I try… I just CANNOT appreciate screaming. Ok, I take that back… andrew will freak at me if I say that. I CAN appreciate how hard it would be to scream like that and then also sing nicely without sounding like you just smoked 8 packs of cigs… but again, I can appreciate– but me still no likey. They played some songs I knew of course… the overplayed KROQ singles, but they played a lot of songs I didn’t know. Two of them were really nice slow songs and I really did enjoy those- I kept waiting for screaming to come ruin it… but it didnt…they just were nice the whole time. But one song- my personal fave included a piece where Chester screamed over and over “put me out of my misery…”

I knew JUST how he felt!

I think I enjoyed a few things about this show that I don’t normally see/hear in the US.

1. The guy on crack/E/too much redbull next to me who literally was dancing and jumping around like a maniac. No rhythm, no structure to his excitement. Just waved his arms around and jumped up and down looking like a monkey. I was just waiting for him to hit me on accident so I could give him the evil eye. I felt REALLY embarassed for his girlfriend. I just don’t see that in the US because I don’t typically go to shows like Linkin Park where the fans are cracked out nutheads.

2. I thought it was great when the whole crowed started cheering and chanting… “Kickin paw, kickin paw, kickin paw.” HUH???  Ummmm yeah turns out they were saying “Linkin Park” but it took my Aussie boyfriend to translate because to me- PARK has an R in the word…to Australians- it’ doesnt. Just sounded like Pawk.

3. The Wave. Do people actually still do the wave? Well in Australia, yes… they do. I love the wave. While I didn’t participate- Andrew and I had a chuckle for about 30 seconds while the wave went around the crowd about 4 times before people finally got over it. I’ve seen quite a few waves in my time at sporting events- but never at concerts.

Overall, I wasn’t totally miserable, but I can’t say it was the best thing ever. I’m glad Andrew really enjoyed himself and I could be with him- but again, the screaming just gave me a headache. Literally- I still have a really bad headache even now. When the encor came, I really felt for the true fans. I thought that they must be really sad knowing that this show, the one they were excited about for weeks, the one they spent $100 bucks on, was about to come to an end. I didn’t mind though, I was tired.


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