So I swear I’ll post some apartment?pictures soon. Just waiting for a few more things to be accomplished in this place- including receiving our chairs for our dining table- so as soon as that’s all done- I’ll get to it. Probably by next weekend. If you are really impatient, I do have a few “unfinished” pics I can send- but I won’t post them for the world (and by world I mean my 10 friends that read this) to see because I am a perfectionist and I need the place to look as good as possible before I start showing anyone.

Until then I thought I would comment on my?5 favorite things that arrived last week.

5. Pots and Pans- never had used these new ones?before- but I did last night and they were a breeze to cook in and clean up! I can’t wait to use them more often!

4. Chopper- Oh chopper, I love you so! Thank you for making the experience of chopping an onion 100 times easier! And thank you for sparing me from all the tears.

3. Knives- Again, hadn’t used these new knives before. I knew they would be good- but last night i was cutting raw chicken to make my dinner?and the?knife?was cutting the chicken like butter! yippee for sharp knives!

2.The wine bar. It’s just so pretty and holds all of our 25 bottles of wine and glasses and I just love it!

1. My pillow. I had?been sleeping on Andrew’s crappy pillow for a month and a half and I’d wake up with my ear hurting any time i tried to sleep on my side. I ended up sleeping on my back all the time which was very restricting. It was miserable and now with my soft, fluffy pillow… I am now able to sleep in a multitude of positions. YAY

I think Andrew is also enjoying all the new tools and gadgets that have arrived. Today he used?an olive spoon. Who would have ever guessed that I would need an olive spoon? I don’t even like olives! But thankfully my mom bought it for me a few years back because today, when andrew needed to get olives out of a jar- it came in very handy!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Things”

  1. congrats on finding the one civilized man left. the man who uses an olive spoon for it’s appropriate vocation.

    james would never use an olive spoon. hhahaha.

    bravo andrew.

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