It was a very happy happy day last week when my wonderful new iPhone came in the mail. I didn’t waste any time getting it all set up and I just can’t tell you how gitty this little piece of technology has made me. So far I definitely have some favourite apps. These include:

  1. Trip Planner – this little gem gives me all the ferry and bus schedules… amazing I tell you!
  2. Google search – who doesn’t love the ability to search for things by simply taking a photo and/or asking a question If you don’t have this app- get it! Asking a verbal question is SO much easier than typing it all out.
  3. Foxtel- Ok so I haven’t actually used this yet but I absolutely love the fact that if I’m out for the night and realise I’ve forgotten to record my favourite show, I can just push a few buttons on my snazzy little phone and like magic, my show will be recorded and waiting for me when I get home.
  4. Mobileme – yes, this is a ridiculously expensive program but I do believe it is worth it! Mail, calendar and contact syncing is pretty important to me so I’m loving this application.

What are your favourite apps????Oh and speaking of contact syncing- I’d also like to mention that while in the process of setting up my beautiful new phone, I was able to clean out all my contacts which just so happens to be # 15 on my 101 list. Who would have known that buying an iPhone would help me to achieve one of my goals Win win!!

Stay tuned for more things that make me happy. There have been several over the last few weeks and I can’t wait to share them all with you! šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “My iPhone Makes me Happy”

  1. I love my iPhone, though the latest update on my 3G model has slowed it down considerably. Like you, I am now certain I couldn’t live without my MobileMe account and its calendar/contact syncing. I also have an old-school Mrs. Pac Man app that’s a lot of fun … My husband is convinced that I’m addicted to my phone. Perhaps he’s right. šŸ™‚

  2. the trip planner sounds like a pretty neat app a few of my favorites are:

    – Twitter
    – Angry Birds
    – Words with Friends
    – Flixster
    – Betty Crocker cookbook.

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