January and February have gotten off to a good start! I felt like I was in this boredom slump for a few weeks when I got back from California, but then things started happening and I’m feeling better now. Here are a few things I’ve been up to lately.

1. After my Master Cleanse, I have been back to eating normally. Some people asked how it went and if it was worth it. Well, it was fine- very challenging but good. I can’t say I’d really recommend it personally because I didn’t have any amazing results like some people do! The best part about it was that I lost 7 lbs… but I’m?sorry to say that I’ve gained about 5?back now. It’s amazing how I can have such INCREDIBLE self control for 10 days and then it all flies out the window and I’m back to my usual eating. Not that I eat poorly, I just definitely eat TOO much.??

2. Since Jen and James got engaged I’ve been working with our friends to plan her bachelorette party and shower. I’m happy to say that it only took about 3 days to plan, book and coordinate her entire bachelorette party! We’re still working on the shower but it’s going well so far. It gives me stuff to do while I’m here so far away from all the excitement.

3. I started taking?a wine appreciation class. The first class was last night and it’s at an adult college type thing- like GWC. It’s literally a 5 minute walk which makes me very happy. So far so good. I’m excited for future classes. Last night was an intro and next week we are learning all about white wines. Then in 2 weeks it’s Red night. Yay wine!

4. We pet-sat a goldfish this week. I think a fish is about the only pet I ever care to have. So easy to take care of, you don’t have to play with it,?and best of all,?it makes a nice decoration for?our dining room table. I actually kept it alive all week which isn’t always easy to do with fish. We gave it back today so I decided to find something else to attempt to keep alive… sooo…

5. I bought my first plants ever. The only thing I’ve ever attempted to keep alive was my bamboo plant. Seriously- bamboo is the easiest thing EVER. I water it once every 3 months and it just lives and grows and never dies! Well, this time around I bought things that are actually a little harder to take care of. I?picked up?some Basil and Lemongrass and I may invest in some cilantro/corriander later this week. I’ve already learned that you should plant mint with your basil to keep the bugs away- so I did that. I just bought all these plants today and got some pots and dirt and watered them. Now if it would actually get SUNNY in this dang country- they might actually have a chance of living. Let’s just hope it stops raining soon!

5. Weddings weddings galore. We’ve already been to?two weddings in the last month and a half and we have 2 more to go to before I come home in March…although I think Andrew only can only get off work for?one of them. Then I have Jens wedding at the end of March. Not to mention the 2 other weddings later this year. It’s marriage maddness!

6. Oh yeah… speaking of coming home- did you all know I’m coming home? I’m sure you all know that since my BFF is getting married but I’ll be home roughly March 13 thru April 1.

Off to go cook din din now. Andrew’s friend Alex is coming over tonight for dinner and Sinead and Mas are coming tomorrow. I love cooking. Woohoo.

3 thoughts on “My Life Lately”

  1. Well it totally sounds like things are happy!! Yay! Adjusting. I like to hear it! 🙂

    I agree….no more weddings. Wait, did you say that on here? Either way, no more weddings. Except mine. I guess.

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